Making Sense of Fitness Confusion in the New Year

scott-medDo you want to change your body? The answer is: it’s all about the muscle

By Scott Sands

We all know that exercise and eating right are good for us, but we’re bombarded with an endless supply of new exercise inventions on TV, along with new and improved workout systems that promise to tighten your tush, carve in your abs, or get you shredded in just 12 minutes a day, that it can be confusing! What works? All of it?  None of it? Who actually uses those things to get the bodies they want? The spokespersons?  I’ll bet not!

The problem is exacerbated by gyms that don’t teach members even the basics, and essentially let them work out on the gym “playground” without knowing even what is safe, let alone effective. And worse are personal trainers who teach incorrect methods and perpetuate myths and misconceptions, watch their clients perform exercises incorrectly while counting out the reps, and in many instances look like they should get their own personal trainer!

Who’s still counting calories?  Or counting how many steps you take in a day? Trying to lose weight? What about exercising to burn more calories than you take in.   Sorry.  Faulty thinking, and ineffective.

Science and my own experience have proven that many fitness “truths” are actually myths.  I have female clients who gain two pounds while losing two dress sizes.  How does that happen?  Hint: Muscle work affects the body differently than cardio, and places much greater metabolic demands on it.  But it doesn’t have to be a workout that “kicks your butt,” or crazy-looking, joint-pounding, sweat-dripping workouts. There’s a much easier way that makes sense and feels good, too.

You want to change your body? The answer is, it’s all about the muscle. Yours, that is. And all of them.  It’s about making them stronger.  Not pulsing your arms to the heavens a hundred times to “feel the burn” with 3 lb dumbbells.  Running doesn’t do it.  Jumping around doesn’t do it.  Dancing, twisting, slamming ropes against the floor or pushing sleds doesn’t do it. And running on “hamster wheel” type of machines most certainly doesn’t do it.

Women – would you like to have a sleek, tight, toned body?  Guys – would you like to look like Tarzan?  I want you to know that it is absolutely in your control. That there is a systematic procedure to follow that will change your body, and change your concept of exercise.

Getting strong means every major muscle group, as well as smaller ones.  Learn how they function, and how they feel when contracting, extending, and stretching out through a full range of motion with resistance. And then challenge them methodically.  Form, technique, and “feel” are of utmost importance. But once you’ve got that, you’ll feel empowered as you get strong and fit, your body composition will change, and your muscle will create a new shape for whatever fat remains to be burned.

Once you’re in tune with your muscle, you’ll be able to perform any other exercise movement, activity, or physical feat with a new understanding that makes it simpler, easier, and makes you more independent and confident.  My clients who play tennis and golf are usually surprised at how quickly their game improves.  But forehands that blast past their opponent and longer tee shots are not a surprise to me!

Getting strong makes everything easier.  Physical strength translates into physical confidence, which leads to mental strength and confidence.  One can lead to the other, and each one balances and propels the other one further.

In any case, just get strong, and a lot of good things follow.  If you need help, all you have to do is ask, and I’ll be happy to guide you.

About the author: Scott Sands is a rocket scientist turned body scientist who coaches others in getting the body and health that they want.  Muscle changed his life, and he’s been perfecting the blueprint that helps others change theirs ever since. Working out and experimenting with fitness, nutrition, and supplementation since his late teens, he’s helped hundreds achieve their fitness and health goals.  Background – BS & MS in Physics from Texas A&M.  NASA Mission Operations Space Shuttle engineer. Website Developer. Managed a weight loss clinic for women.  Certified in Corrective Exercise and Personal Training.

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