League City to host 2017 Quidditch Championship

Photo by Quan Robinson
Action during 2016 Major League Quidditch Championship.

Major League Quidditch will fly into the skies of League City this coming August as teams from across the nation flock to the city for the 2017 Major League Quidditch Championship.

League City, one of three finalists, was selected to host the championship, Aug. 11 to 13, at Hometown Heroes Park.  Other finalists included Salt Lake City, Utah, and Lawrence, Kan.

Major League Quidditch, (MLQ), based out of Hoboken, N.J., is a national league that runs from June 1 to Aug. 30.  Quidditch is a co-ed, full contact sport created in 2005 by students at Middlebury College in Vermont.  The sport, based on the fictional sport from Harry Potter, is played by more than 400 college and community teams across six continents.

“Major League Quidditch is excited to partner with League City for a second year,” said MLQ Event Director Melinda Staup.  “Our experience with the city and its staff in 2016 was everything we could have hoped for and we look forward to working with them once again.”

Submitting a bid to host the event was no question for city officials who are responsible for bringing quality of life events to the city.

“We are excited to host MLQ Championship weekend for a second time,” said City Manager John Baumgartner.  “It is our hope that the quidditch teams will enjoy their visit to the area and all that League City has to offer.  This is an exciting opportunity and our community looks forward to being a part of this unique and fast-growing sport now and into the future.”

The championship event generated nearly 200 hotel room nights and significant economic impact in League City in 2016. Officials expect the two-day tournament to once again positively impact local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

Texas is home to some of the sport’s most competitive teams and last year’s event was the first national quidditch championship held in the Southwest. The league consists of 16 teams from throughout the United States and Canada, according to MLQ officials. One of the participating teams is the League City Legends, a locally based team, whose manager, Hank Dugie, is also on City Council.

Quidditch is a co-ed, full-contact sport featuring a unique set of rules that includes elements from rugby, basketball and dodgeball. During the championship event, teams will go head-to-head with the aim of scoring the most goals and being the first to catch the snitch.

MLQ is dedicated to presenting quidditch in an elegant, highly-consumable form that mirrors other sports’ top leagues. It features standardized schedules, high-level officiating, in-depth statistics and live or pre-recorded footage of all games. The central tenant of the league, setting it apart from others, is that we have placed a limit on participating teams. This ensures the teams are of a high quality and maximizes the amount of coverage that can be given to each team and each game. More information is available at http://mlquidditch.com

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