League City consolidates services, repurposes building

2013-08-15_1City Hall in League City is officially opening a new annex  to consolidate the city’s development services and enhance communication and customer service.

Customers seeking assistance from League City’s engineering, planning, building inspection and neighborhood services departments will now have a one-stop shop at 500 W. Walker, the old Police Department building that was recently renovated.

The opening of the City Hall Annex highlights the city’s continued focus on providing outstanding customer service to residents, businesses and community partners.

“We’re here to serve this community,” said Deputy City Manager John Baumgartner.  “As the city continues to grow, it’s imperative that we look for ways to streamline processes and continually improve the services we provide on a daily basis.”

Creating customer service focused public areas where residents, business owners or future developers could easily seek building permits, connect with planners and engineers or work with the code compliance team also addresses a need identified by the community.

“Our goal is to make doing business with the city as seamless as possible,” said Baumgartner.  “Most people don’t want to travel all over the city to attain a permit or to meet with the city’s engineers, planning, building inspection, or the code compliance team.  By consolidating interrelated departments into one location, we are meeting the needs of today while planning for the city’s future growth.”

Engineering, planning and neighborhood services staff have already moved in while the building inspection staff will move-in throughout the week.

“The building served as a perfect opportunity for us,” Baumgartner says.  “We were able to minimize costs by repurposing the old Police Department building, thus, saving taxpayer dollars and time.”

Renovation costs for the building are estimated at $700,000.  The improvements include remodeling the front lobby, bathroom renovations, new paint and carpet, signage, roof and skylight repairs, and water proofing of the building. City officials also plan to replace ceiling light fixtures with energy efficient fluorescent lights and upgrade the fire alarm systems in the coming months.

Hours of operation for the departments will remain the same.

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