Lakewood toasts new commodore

by Mary Alys Cherry

Commodore Carl Drechsel and first lady, Sandy Drechsel.

Commodore Carl Drechsel and first lady, Sandy Drechsel.

A glittering crowd of some 250 toasted new Lakewood Yacht Club Commodore Carl Drechsel and his wife, Sandy, at the 2013 Commodore’s Ball.

Other flag officers and their wives joining the Drechsels in the limelight were Vice Commodore Tom Collier and his wife, Sue; Rear Commodore Joyce Maxwell and her husband, Darold; and Fleet Capt. Don Mitchell and his wife, Marilyn; and immediate Past Commodore A.J. Ross and his wife, Gayle.

Secretary Becca Scoville and her husband, Charles, were in the black-tie crowd, as were Assistant Secretary Rex Bettis with his wife, Kim; Treasurer Al Goethe and his wife, Kathy; and Assistant Treasurer Cary Bass and his wife, Fran.

Along with Past Commodores and their ladies – Bob and Judy Fuller, Drew and Sandy Lewis, Don and Trish  Kugle, Steve Leth and Mary Ainslie, George and Pat Pappas,  Gary and Vicki Anderson, Bunny and Eloise Pearl, Harvey and Jill Denman, John and Kendra Broderick, Glenn Robinson with Martha Mullins, Brian and Lynn Irvine and Jack and Alice Thomas.

Another high point of the evening came when Steve Hegyesi was named Yachtsman of the Year, as his wife, Marisa, beamed with pride. Afterwards, he spent much of the evening receiving congratulations from Kim and Elizabeth Morrell, Paul and Amy Dumphey, John and Johnnie Mae Houchins, Tom and Sue Collier, Jim and Joy Edwards and Barbara and Mike Duckworth.

Jack and Marcy Fryday were in the crowd, as were Carol and Bob Robinson, Carl and Johnette Norman, Dr. Paul Fine, Jay and Rosemary Bettis, Anna Dewald, Rita Matthews, Bob and Sue Warters, Rosebud Caradec, Steve and Ann Palm, Sam and Pat Crowder, Roy and Judith Shaw,  and Tom, Harriet, Ryan and Carolyn Dreschel, to name a few.

Specials guests included Houston Yacht Club Commodore Bob Wright, Vice Commodore Nancy Edmondson and Rear Commodore Robert Williams. 

After dinner, there was dancing to the music of Nine o’clock.

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