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Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Member Services Division Chair Kat Sanford of Kat Sanford Productions

Kat Sanford is the owner and Chief Creative Officer of Kat Sanford Productions, a Clear Lake-based corporate meetings and event management company. If you would like to find out more about Kat’s services or get advice on how to survive as a small business owner, contact Kat at [email protected].


 I was first introduced to the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce in 2004. Six months prior to joining the Chamber I launched a home-based business and quickly became a cave dweller, spending most of time in front of a computer calling my friends and family, hoping they would become clients and then introduce me to their friends and family and so on.   I quickly realized in order to stay in business, I had to get out of my cave and find a new, productive way to meet other professionals.  I hated the idea of “cold calling” and realized the importance of finding a business organization that offered me a way to make meaningful connections with other professionals.  Now, eight years later I have the honor of serving in a leadership position as the Member Services Division Chair for 2011-2012 of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.  


As a corporate event planner I have seen first-hand how valuable building face-to-face relationships is in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society.   There is a positive trend towards shopping local and volunteering in the community and more and more people are seeking out experiences that fulfill the basic human need to be part of something that matters.  The good news is that these are all great ways to foster your business and support the business community as a whole. 

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