Houston Video Marketing Company Shares Why Video Is The Most Effective Marketing Medium Today



Businesses of all sizes have the same marketing dilemma: How to communicate effectively to their target audience; how to create an emotional attachment to their brand, products and services; how to reach people where they are, i.e. mobile devices, Internet, etc.; and how to best use their often limited marketing dollars.  In today’s marketing and economic environment the answer is video.

Statistically, video marketing is the most effective and the fastest growing marketing medium today.  Based on billions of uploads a month, research has shown that 68% of the top internet retailers use video on their website.  A website video will produce 20% more inbound calls, 29% request more information on your product or service, 30% of video viewers visit your physical store, and 24% make a purchase as a result of watching a video. What makes video such a powerful marketing tool?

We spoke to Nolen Davis of WorldLink Services, Video Production Company in the Houston Bay area.

WL: At Worldlink, we’ve recognized at least 21 ways to gain business exposure online and offline using video.  Just putting a video on YouTube is not the whole story.  Videos need to be the foundation of your marketing strategy.  All of your marketing and advertising efforts should point to your videos.  You should certainly have videos on your website and YouTube but also bring your ads to life by putting QR Codes on everything you print such as direct mailers and flyers.  Include video in your promotional products for ex. flash drives with your video already loaded.  Bumper videos that can play before any You Tube video, is a great way to reach people in certain geographical area, and a great way to increase walk-ins to your store.  Burning videos to disc and mailing it with branded material is a powerful way to follow up sales calls, or promote interest and educate customers and potential customers about your company.  Lobby or waiting area videos can increase your market and sales efforts by 18%

Videos enhance search optimization on engines like Google, Yahoo and AOL.  Having a video makes your website 50% more likely to appear on Google’s first page results.  Once on your site 55% of people will stay more than double the time after viewing a video that engages, educates, captivates and communicates clearly.

BAHM: Educates?  What do you mean by that?

WL: Videos can educate your customers about each aspect of your business.  Customers get a realistic feel about your customer service, staff, products and services. They’ll feel more knowledgeable and familiar with your company.

Videos allow you to address specific demographics and explain the benefits of your products for them. Marketing with video is a great way push top of the line branding.

BAHM: How is video the most cost effective marketing choice?

WL: Video works hard for your money. In addition to the ways already mentioned, videos are perfect for in house or multi-site training purpose and for social networks such as on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Social networks are fast mass communication and they’re free. Your video on social networks can bring in leads, generate referrals, showcase your brand, and result in sales.  This kind of promotion is priceless!  

BAHM: How does WorldLink help a business decide what kind of video to make, and finally, how does the video process work?

WL: WorldLink Services has combined cutting edge technology with broadcast quality video production and has developed a process to make it easy for anyone to appear natural on TV by using scriptwriters, Teleprompters and a director at each video shoot.  We do everything so there is limited distraction to your business.  After consultation, we help you decide whether to focus on one aspect of your business or to show a combination of elements about your company.  Professionally done testimonial videos are almost a must have because of their huge influence on potential customers.  Research shows that 31% of people will make a purchase after viewing a testimonial video.

WorldLink realizes that video is the only medium that will create emotion for your brand, product or service.  For example; producing a movie depends on image, lighting, sound, sequence, composition, and content.  These are the elements that can result in making you laugh or cry; that make a connection.   That’s what a well-made video has to do.  It’s not just about sales. It’s about creating an emotional attachment to your brand, product or service. That’s what keeps customers coming back, makes them loyal.  A well-produced video has the content, pizzazz, and look your company wants the world to see.

This is the advantage of video and the advantage of WorldLink Services.


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