From Houston Mayor Annise D. Parker


As Mayor of Houston, I am proud to support the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region and the Port of Houston. I am thrilled that this conference is taking place right here in the Houston area.

We are nearing the 100th anniversary of the Port of Houston and business continues to boom. The Houston metropolitan area was just named the top exporter in the nation for the first time and I know the coming expansion of the Panama Canal will mean even more growth.

Petroleum and coal products are our largest exports, totaling $36.6 billion in value. And we’ve exported another $31.2 billion worth of chemicals. Needless to say, collaboration between petrochemical and maritime leaders is vital for our region’s economic health.

As your companies thrive and grow, so does the entire region’s economy. In the last three years, the Houston area has created more than 250,000 jobs and issued permits for the construction of nearly 74,000 single-family homes in the last year.  According to a recent study, industries will invest up to $35 billion in capital and maintenance in the Port of Houston this year. That could result in 111,700 additional direct construction jobs and 154,100 indirect jobs.

It is great to be in Houston. This whole region has prospered in a way no other part of the country has. I look forward to continuing to work with you to find new opportunities for growth and prosperity.













Mayor Annise D. Parker


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