Home Sweet Home: What is trending in 2015

sinkDECORATING CAN BE DAUNTING. With so many options available and so many decisions to make, it is almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed.

By Cathy Osoria

De-cluttering and simplifying are good places to start. Getting rid of home accessory hand me downs and worn out furniture can breathe new life into the space you want to enjoy and appreciate daily.  Redecorating in the New Year can be a good jumpstart for a fresh new space.  Some of the trends in interior design believed to be a hit in 2015 are:

Ethnic and Floral Prints
The ethnic prints from far off lands add a fresh pizazz to your home and break up some of the beige that has been popular for several years. These prints look as if they have been collected from travels and can be good conversation pieces. Floral prints have been popular in fashion for years and have overlapped into interior design. Florals will be popping up in upholstery and fabrics and will have staying power.

It’s all about creating mood. Think about creating daring and courageous design statements. Use interesting metallic accessories and bold contrasting colors.

Hair on Hide
Hides don’t have to stay on the floor. Hides in 2015 are used more in upholstery, on consoles, tables, pillows and cushions. Using real hide can be controversial, but faux hides are also available and will give a similar appearance.

Lighter Colored Wood
The use of rich, deep toned woods has been popular for years and maybe the catalyst for the trend of lighter woods being used.  Honey toned woods are light and fresh looking.

Brass can look luxurious or tacky. When done right, brass can be classy. It is timeless, and it is also a trend that has been gathering steam over the past year. Brass in kitchens, bathtubs and ornamental pieces is increasing in popularity.

Corduroy isn’t just for pants any longer. Many designers are using this fabric as a velvet alternative creating bold statements in upholstery.

Merging indoors and out
There are more manufacturers creating more designs for inside the home that one would think generally be seen outdoors. Examples are carpet that resembles natural grass and ottomans that fool the eye by looking like giant boulders.

blueSea of Blues
Blue is without a doubt a major trend. It’s all about blue. Don’t be shy about mixing many different shades. Azure, beryl, teal, cobalt, sapphire, navy and turquoise can blend beautifully together. Navy is a calming shade which commands authority without appearing overly bold, and it is easy and pleasant on the eye. Turquoise is another shade gaining popularity. Turquoise is seen everywhere, and it screams life and personality into a room.

Window sheers
This window treatment can be fresh, bright and add light into a room. They are an easy way to create mood while not sacrificing privacy or light.

Softer black and white
Black and white have been staples in interior design for many years. Now the trend is toward a softer version of the standard black and white palate. Charcoal gray and off white can be colors chosen to create a new look. The softer tones are easier on the eye and reduce some of the color contrast. They are comfy and relaxing but still keep the glamorous edge.

Believe it or not, it’s back — not necessarily the macramé plant hangers but macramé art. It is hand crafted and can be used in place of art and can incorporate many colors and textures.

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