High school art students advance to state competition

The Visual and Performing Arts Department in Clear Creek ISD announced that 31 students have received “superior” rating awards at both the regional and area Visual Art Scholastic Event for their artwork, and will be advancing to the State VASE Competition.

Two students from Clear Falls High School, Jessie Chen and Kari Langford, each have two pieces of art advancing.

VASE is the only art event of its kind for academically eligible high school students in grades 9-12 throughout Texas. Students have the opportunity to bring artwork created at school to their regional event where they are interviewed by a certified juror who evaluates their work and tests their understanding of the art processes involved.

“VASE is a unique experience for our students because it is the only competition offered that allows the students direct interaction with the judges and immediate feedback,” says Nina Makepeace, an art teacher at Clear Falls High School. “The students have to not only create a quality work of art, but also justify their artistic decisions in an interview. This is an extremely valuable experience for a young artist.”

Jurors assess each work of art for originality of concept, technical expertise, understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for visual art, and the interpretation of the students stated intent. Artists who receive a “superior” rating at region are juried again at the area competition. Area medalists advance to the state competition.

CCISD’s area medalists will compete at the State VASE Competition on April 28-29 in San Antonio, Texas. The complete list of qualifying students is below:

Student, School

Nathan Peterson, Clear Brook High School

Anzulie Sosa, Clear Brook High School

Elena Michnovicz, Clear Brook High School

Azam Syed, Clear Brook High School

Gabriela Sanchez, Clear Brook High School

Gianna Scillieri, Clear Brook High School

Angelina Yoon, Clear Creek High School

Jasmine Christensen, Clear Creek High School

Dominic Nguyen, Clear Creek High School

Kristal L. Dillehay, Clear Creek High School

Timothy Brazzel, Clear Creek High School

Jake Gonzales, Clear Creek High School

Ieva Paslavska, Clear Creek High School

Jessie Chen, Clear Falls High School

Kelly Putnam, Clear Falls High School

Nallely Garza, Clear Falls High School

Kari Langford Clear Falls High School

Kyra Morphis, Clear Falls High School

Caroline Upchurch, Clear Horizons High School

Matthew Roberts, Clear Horizons High School

Ellie W. Salim, Clear Lake High School

Jessica Levy, Clear Springs High School

Eriane Austria, Clear Springs High School

Shayla Bowen, Clear Springs High School

Juliana Bozeman, Clear Springs High School

Summer Elliott, Clear Springs High School

Morgan Grice, Clear Springs High School

Sanjida Lura, Clear Springs High School

Han Vu, Clear Springs High School

Emily Albritton, Clear Springs High School

Alyssa Fontanilla, Clear Springs High School

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