Heartburn or Heart Attack?

Heartburn or Heart Attack?

Christus St. John Hospital provides insight on which symptoms should prompt an immediate 911 call or ER visit.


There is a huge difference between heartburn and a heart attack, but often times they feel very much the same. So then how do you know when to take an antacid and when to seek medical care?


The short answer is that you should always seek medical care if you are experiencing any unfamiliar chest pain or tightness. But to help better understand your symptoms, CHRISTUS St. John Hospital offers guidance on differentiating a heart attack from indigestion in recognition of Cardiac Awareness Month


You missed lunch because of a hectic day, so come dinnertime you appease your growling stomach by eating a large meal and eating it fast. Shortly afterward you lie down on the couch to watch television or perhaps you feel guilty about overindulging and head to the gym. Either way, the burning sensation in your chest is undeniable. You predict heartburn, but there’s a chance the chest pain is a warning sign of a heart attack.


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