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League City officials engage in fisticuffs

Two League City councilmen, Daniel Becker, 60, and Dennis Okeefe, 58, who got into a fist fight in the office of City Manager Mike Loftin Wednesday afternoon, June 19, were charged with disorderly conduct – fighting after other councilmembers and police broke up the fisticuffs.

It is believed to be the first time councilmembers have publicly exchanged blows since a councilman decked Councilwoman Rusty Butler at  a League City Council meeting back in the early 80s.

Key official decides to stay in League City

John Baumgartner, who quit his job as League City’s assistant city manager for public works in late May, has decided to remain with the city and serve as deputy city manager.

He accepted a new job with the City of Plano but after discussions with his city manager and council members, Baumgartner decided to stay in League City.

“Public Works is one of our highest priorities and John Baumgartner is a valued employee with the experience and skill needed to successfully address our city’s infrastructure needs now and in the future,” City Manager Mike Loftin said.

Baumgartner will receive a new salary of $165,000 annually and a one-time compensation advance of $18,000, which includes a clause for repayment if he resigns within the next three years.

Taylor Lake Village picks new mayor

Taylor Lake Village City Council has appointed Jon Keeney, husband of former Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Lilian Norman Keeney, as mayor.

Lilian Norman Keeney filed to run for mayor and was unopposed in the May 11 election. However, she passed away April 2. Jon Keeney will serve a one-year term, with a special election to be held in May 2014

Nassau Bay keeps tax exemptions

Nassau Bay City Council voted unanimously in May to adopt an annual resolution to maintain a residential homestead exemption for the city’s ad valorem taxes. The city will continue to exempt $5,000 from the value of property declared as a homestead, and $20,000 for homeoveners over the age of 65 and for those who are disabled.

Webster to join ad campaign

Webster will partner with Space Center Houston and Galveston’s Moody Gardens in an ad campaign in the Dallas area suggesting that visitors stay in Webster’s 17 hotels while visiting the two popular Bay Area attractions this summer. The Houston area has about 33 million visitors annually with most coming from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it was pointed out.

Speed limit now 45 mph on SH 96

The League City Council voted 5-3 in May to approve the final reading of an ordinance reducing the speed limit on State Highway 96 from Highway 3 to Tuscan Village Drive from 55 miles per hour to 45 miles per hour. Todd Kinsey, Dennis OKeeffe and Joanna Sharp Dawson were opposed.

The city also announced that:

  • It had issued more than 100,000 traffic citations under its now canceled red-light camera program and collected almost $5 million in fines.
  • It will reimburse Magnolia Creek homeowners in both Phase One and Two approximately $1.5 million for development costs paid the developer for improvements that the city says were over assessed and because of a long-ago accounting error.

Fall registration starting at UHCL

Registration for fall classes at the University of Houston-Clear Lake has begun in the Students Services and Classroom Building and will continue until Aug. 23, with classes beginning Aug. 26.

Late registration begins Aug. 24 and runs through Sept. 3. New students must apply by Aug. 12. Class schedules are available online at or at the Office of Admissions. For more information, call 281-283-2500.

League City loses lawsuit

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund has won a lawsuit it filed in federal district court challenging League City’s crackdown on day laborers as they gathered, seeking employment. The court ruled it was a violation of their First Amendment rights.

Scofflaws may  face new fines

The League City Municipal Court is beginning a new program to help collect outstanding fines and fees. Starting in July, League City will use a state system to flag vehicles belonging to those individuals who have outstanding warrants for failure to appear or have failed to pay fines associate with traffic violations.  Vehicles belonging to those individuals will not be permitted to renew vehicle registration with the Galveston County Tax Office until payment arrangements have been made.

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