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Go Texan Committee NASA/ Clear Creek/ Friendswood Supports Scholarships and Education

When you hear the words “Rodeo” and “Go Texan” you think fun, concerts, and cowboy stylin’.  Those are valid associations, but they don’t quite get to the heart of the matter.  It is about education, and encouraging education, and providing the funds for education.  In the Bay Area, there is a force behind the momentum, and he has a name.

Gene Hollier (pronounced O lee A) is a lifetime director and current member of the Speakers’ Committee for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  He began his career with the Rodeo about 28 years ago serving on various committees.  As a lifetime director, he has worked enough hours to gain his title yet has no volunteer requirements.  However, “Now I work harder than I ever did,” says Gene. 

A guiding vision for Gene is the education of our youth, and his involvement has implemented growth in both scope and dollars throughout his years of service.  His partner, Emmeline Dodd, is also a lifetime committee member with the Rodeo and shares Gene’s vision for education.  She is a former university professor and still works on the Rodeo Merchandise Committee.  “Education is a huge part of our lives,” says Gene.

In 1999 Gene organized the Trail Boss Program for the NASA/Clear Creek/Friendswood Go Texan Committee.   NASA was added to the Go Texan committee name, which traditionally is named for the school districts that are receiving Rodeo scholarships, because NASA was already a huge supporter.   It was a natural step to combine fundraising efforts.

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