Galveston Bay winter fishing

Chris Oakley caught this nice trout fishing with Capt. Dillman.


By Capt. David C. Dillman | 832-228-8012

Stepping from my truck, I was greeted by a chilly wind due to the passage of a cold front. I reached back into my truck to grab a foul weather jacket from the back seat. It was one of those mornings that this would come in handy. I then preceded to the dock where my boat is kept. As I was lowering the boat from the lift, I noticed my customers have just arrived in front of the dock. As they exited the truck I took noticed that they wore the proper attire for the day. On a few occasions someone always under dresses for the weather but not on this day. These folks were seasoned anglers. They yelled, “It is kinda cold!” as they were gathering their equipment. I replied with just a nod of the head.

I paused lowering the boat as I loaded their items, then continued operating the lift. I stated lthat uckily we don’t have a long boat ride this morning.

As we eased out of the slip and into the bay, I took a immediate turn towards starboard, around the point and into the protected area of the shoreline. This area is well known as a winter haven for trout and redfish. Even with the northwest wind gusting over 15 knots, the water was in good shape. Here is where we would spend the day.

As the great fireball in the sky broke above the horizon, the sky illuminated a deep orange glow. We began drifting imbetween the numerous piers and old pilings that litter this shoreline. There was little to show for our effort for the first couple of hours. The sun was brilliantly shining by now, displaying all its glory. The next hour our bites increased even putting a few fish in the box. As the sun continued to warm the waters ever so slightly, the bites became more numerous on every drift. Although it never did become fast and furious, we salvaged a day in post frontal conditions.

The well known winter area is that shoreline between Eagle Point and April Fool Point. It offers everything fish seek during the winter. Close deep water, mud and shell(oyster) bottom, old pilings and piers, and rocks line the shoreline. Lots of structure for baitfish and ambush points for the predators. The rocks and mud hold warmth from the sun offering slightly warmer water temperatures. The pilings and pier, you guessed it, the ambush points as the fish become a little lethargic because of the colder water.

My baits of choice this time of year are soft plastics rigged with a 1/16-1/8 oz jig head. This time of year I prefer throwing Bass Assassins due to their soft pliability. My next choice would be the ever faithful MirrOlure and of course, the Corky. Live shrimp will attract its share of strikes. This time of year it can become scarce. Eagle Point usually has shrimp when other bait camps are out. They can be reached at 281-339-1131.

As we move into the New Year 2021, remember the Blessing of 2020. Happy New Year to everyone!

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