Former Taylor Lake mayor running for District 36 Congressional seat

“We need a representative who actually works for the people.”

With that observation, Jon Powell, former mayor of Taylor Lake Village, announced his run for Congress to represent all of the 36th Texas Congressional District.

Powell, a geologist and small business owner, has a long career working with energy and chemical companies to improve their environmental performance and operations safety. People tell him, he said, that the residents of CD-36 and the country need a representative who uses facts and reason to direct America’s resources and programs to benefit everyone. “I will be that representative,” he said.

In announcing he will run, Powell said he will work so that we:

  • All have access to affordable health care.
  • Have a thriving public education system that prepares students for challenges of the future and provides competent workers to employers.
  • Ensure clean air, water and a safe environment for our families.
  • Invest in public works to create opportunity and enhance protection from natural disaster. ”The southeast Texas coast needs hurricane storm surge barriers to protect our national economic security.”
  • Refuse to accept discrimination against any group. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

“My past public service and solid professional technical experience are proof that I’ll hit the ground running for voters across Southeast Texas, from our small towns all the way to Houston,” Powell said, adding that he has begun visiting towns and meeting with residents through all CD-36 counties, listening to voters and organizations to understand their concerns and needs.

When elected he plans to continue frequent public meetings to understand evolving issues and serve as the residents’ voice in Washington.

Powell said he knows our country was founded to provide for the common good of all citizens, and he will work to invest in our future – for our kids and grandkids – not only to help Texas’ 36 Congressional District, but the country as a whole.

Powell and his wife, Cindy, have two sons. He served for a decade as an elected official in Taylor Lake Village, first as a city councilman, then as mayor. He also participates in the community advisory panel that serves as forum for residents and local industry and volunteers for numerous school and community committees and working groups.

“I am motivated to run because democracy is too important to allow the incumbent to continue to vote for laws that are harmful to residents of the District and our nation. I am practical and focused on our community. I will hear what you have to say. I will be here for you,” he said.

For more information about Powell, visit his website at

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