Flooding forum on tap Nov. 28 at the Gilruth Center of NASA/JSC

Can our devastating floods be stopped?

An amazing group of experts and thought leaders are coming together Tuesday Nov. 28 at 7 p.m. here to discuss — perhaps debate — the Houston region’s dangerous flooding and countermeasures. They’ll address the problems and solutions for major rain event flooding and hurricane storm surge flooding at a free, public forum at the Gilruth Center at NASA/Johnson Space Center.


  • Jim Blackburn – Co-chair, SSPEED Center, Rice U.
  • John Branch – Pres. Clear Lake City Water Authority
  • Col. Len Waterworth – Exec. Prof., Marine Administration Dept., TAMU
  • Stephen Costello – Chief Resilience Officer, City of Houston
  • Dr. Lisa Gonzalez – Pres. & CEO – Houston Advanced Research Center HARC
  • Dr. John Jacob – Dir., Texas Community Watershed Partners, TAMU
  • Brandt Mannchen – Sierra Club – Houston Group
  • Bob Stokes – Dir., Galveston Bay Foundation
  • Dr. George Guillen – host – Dir., Environmental Institute at UHCL
  • Dr. Neal Lane –  moderator – Sen. Fellow, Baker Institute at Rice U.

Millions of Houstonians and neighbors are at risk from systemic but unpredictable floods that take lives and destroy homes. What can be done to stop storm water flooding?

The speakers will address critical issues and past mistakes, and present proposals for protecting Houston region and Bay Area residents from dangerous, deadly storms like Hurricanes Harvey and Ike. They also will take questions from attendees and discuss answers. Get the information you need to support important government actions.

As Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said recently, “We need to start over and look at everything.”

Residents across Houston and especially the Bay Area with its 1-2 double-threat of flooding will learn the important issues to assess initiatives and determine best investments to support. While the government and businesses will shoulder major costs of improvements, ultimately taxpayers and customers will pay the bill. Everyone needs the knowledge to be engaged to ensure a safe and prosperous future.

For more information and optional RSVP free tickets go to: https://americansunitedinaction.wordpress.com/get-involved/storm- water-flooding- forum/.

The Gilruth Center, at the back side of JSC property, is accessible to the public via “Gilruth Center” entrance off Space Center Boulevard, between NASA Parkway and Bay Area Boulevard.  Search Google Maps for “Gilruth Center” or enter https://goo.gl/maps/ZckFsDNTGJU2.

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