Fixing the Broken Brain

Dr. Lewis Clarke is both an M.D. and a Ph.D. He is world renowned amongst both physicians and researchers in the field of regenerative neuroscience and rehabilitation medicine. He is not your average, run-of-the-mill physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. While working on his Ph.D. in neuropharmacology and cellular biology, he fell in love with decoding the myriad of mysteries and possibilities found within the human brain. Clarke went on to pursue his M.D. and eventually specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation, all the while never forgetting his initial enthusiasm, curiosity, and appreciation for neuropharmacology at the cellular level.

When, in the 1990s, it was learned that the brain could regenerate from stem cells that were already present in the brain and repair itself, Clarke began implementing neuropharmacology that would promote these self-healing, regenerative processes. For 20 years he has been using this neurochemistry to treat strokes, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, dementia, concussions, and is working with some of the NFL Hall of Fame players with CTE.

Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospital in Clear Lake is where Dr. Clarke currently practices his cutting-edge neuro-regenerative protocol, utilizing a combination of conventional medical approaches and biochemical science. Dr. Clarke created his Neupanex protocol to provide the body with everything needed to initiate a natural, neurochemical healing process. At Post Acute Rehabilitation Hospital, this neurochemistry is used in conjunction with physical, occupational and speech therapies in order to ensure that the patients obtain the best possible outcomes.

“Once you stimulate new neurons to form with the same neuropharmacology God put in your brain to do just that, you need to get those new cells integrated into the neural network with repetitive and specific therapies,”said Dr. Clarke. “It’s much like learning to play the piano. At first you struggle with getting your fingers to hit the right notes, but after practicing, those connections are formed between the neurons and soon you’re playing Handel’s Messiah. Well, maybe not that, but possibly chopsticks!”

Dr. Clarke’s unique approach to patient care is successful because he is ultimately a researcher, dedicated to finding the root cause to a problem and applying the latest science from state-of-the-art publications from around the world. Dr. Clarke gives his full attention to the task of discovering what’s at the heart of the matter and works diligently to heal the patient rather than merely “fix” the symptoms.

In addition to his hospital practice at Post Acute Medical Rehab Hospital, he also sees patients in his clinical practice based in Webster. Just as he does at PAM Hospital, Dr. Clarke utilizes a combination of conventional medical approaches mixed with his vast knowledge in the area of biomedical science. It’s here that he treats maladies ranging from hormonal deficiencies (using bio-identical hormone replacement) to complicated diseases that seemingly don’t respond to conventional approaches alone.

One of his favorite statements is, “All cells in the body work the same way, whether it’s a heart cell, a skin cell, a brain cell or a bone cell. We just need to know how to tweak the DNA to start the repair process.” However, while all the cells may work the same way, he treats the patient’s individual chemistry. This understanding has led him to create specific protocols for everything from increasing bone density in osteoporosis and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for tendon and joint healing, and HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diets for wellness to healing the brain and spine from trauma, and helping competitive athletes and former NFL players suffering from the devastating effects of concussions, CTE, and dementia.

If you would like more information about Dr. Clarke, contact his clinic at (281) 332-1755 or Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospital Clear Lake at (832) 224-9500. To read more in detail visit Dr. Clarke’s webpage at

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