Fashion: Fad And Style


By Alisa Star

Let’s not confuse fashion with style. Fashion is a seasonal party if you will. It’s runway shows and all the excitement with the latest fashions and designers. It’s what’s being offered and worn by most at any particular moment.

Fashion is a fad, a trend that does not last for but a season.  People that follow the fashion world are basically in a comparison mode wanting to look and be seen just like everyone else. Fashion can be very exhausting; on the go constantly to get all the latest runway items and the money that can go with that can get expensive. However style stays with you no matter what the fashion is at the moment. Style is what we project, it is in a way, who we are. It’s a statement about you.

A person’s wardrobe says a lot about them. What you wear can inform passersby the type of employment you have as well as your ambitions. Also money or spending habits that you may require, maybe what era you came from. Style says who you are and makes you feel good about yourself with your clothing choices.

Man or woman, we all have a style about us. There is the classic casual for a man, button down collared shirt with jeans or shorts. Casual wear translates to style with comfort. The key to looking good while dressing casual is a good fit and not looking sloppy. As for a woman, casual everyday wear might be a designer t-shirt with a cute pair of capris or ripped jeans, with cute sandals or wedges, then throw on a pair of hoop earrings and a long necklace and you’re set for everyday wear.

In our work environment, clothing should never be wrinkled, torn  or look sloppy. In a formal business setting the standard is a suit and jacket, pants or skirt. You can always dress it up with good accessories, earrings, necklace, belt as well as nicely shined shoes. This is a plus for the professional man.

Consider the everyday sportswear look. This type of style is usually for people who work in sport or exercise facilities or the mothers on the go. This look is usually specific garments consisting of shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits,leggings, sport bras, tennis shoes, and caps. It’s a practical comfort style that fits the active person.

The classic style impedes on simple elegance and sophistication. It expresses a sense of stability and comfort in your style. The timeless style focuses on clean straight lines and impeccable tailoring. This style is usually pants, with a crisp shirt, and sport jacket, with a classic pointed shoe, classic handbag, pearls and an up do for the hair.

Vintage style is one of my favorites, this fashion imitates previous styles of different eras. This type of clothing can be found in second hand thrift stores. Vintage styles can be fun to wear, you can get looks from the roaring 20’s all the way through the big hair, Madonna look of the 80’s. This look is also called Retro Style.

The good old Preppy look was originally adopted by the prep school students. This type of style is the collection of iconic designers. Patterns and colors are the key to dressing preppy. Flowing blouses, collared shirt with a sweater, pencil skirts,and let’s not forget the Mary Jane heels. For the men, polo shorts  with a polo shirt and a sweater tied around the neck, with loafer shoes.. Another preppy look  for the guy is  a pair of white pants and a striped shirt and a pair of Sperrys, and you are dressed preppy.

Don’t change to fit the fashion. Change the fashion to fit you. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak a word. Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it, it’s all about being yourself on purpose.

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