Fall Fashion

ThinkstockPhotos-469291922By Haleigh Tieken

Fall is that time of year when the leaves start to change and so do fashion trends. Mixtures of reds, yellows and magentas drape the trees making them an ornate scene for anyone who happens to look up.

Now for us girls we like to capture the eyes of our prospects in a different fashion.  Ranging from suede coated grey boots to a neutral colored chestnut fringe purse this fall has a combination of hipster, yet shabby chic to leave you strutting the streets like you’re in New York Fashion Week.

ThinkstockPhotos-483474350One of the most popular trends this season is a distant ghost of the past from the 1960s and 1970s. Due to the remnants of a modern day Woodstock still among us known as Coachella, a music festival located in Southern California, clothing has come in full circle as we embrace our inner hippie.  Fringe coming in colors of beige, taupe, gray, tan and ivory add a flirtatious vibe to any serious ensemble and come in items from leather jackets, to booties, or even well sought after accessories such as handbags or jewelry.

Another popular accessory seen in store front windows this fall is yes, you guessed it the floppy hat. This headpiece gives you coverage from the sun, as well as make a cute and sophisticated look with skinny jeans, flats and a button down shirt. Considering how big headbands used to be at Woodstock, why not add a current piece of headwear to your own personalized style?

Denim clothing has been around for years but it is often a fashion flaw to put denim on denim. This year, however, is one for the books in which many fashion magazines from Vogue to Glamour have been pairing denim on denim for an eye popping look which adds some wow factor as well.

ThinkstockPhotos-178890074Now when pairing two pieces of denim you must make sure the pieces contrast and that it’s not the same denim or that will be a denim do-not. The look can either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion by accessorizing it with some fun heels for a pop of color or even a colorful belt or tote could set you apart from the rest.

Denim isn’t the only thing catching attention this year. The all-around glamour inspired blazer offers a variety of different ways to style and showcase a multitude of outfits. Considering the Texas heat we, as consumers, sometimes shy away from wanting to wear trendy fall fashion pieces, but this year stores like Guess and Forever 21 are making their jackets and blazers lightweight so that they can be worn in the early months of fall as well as the later months, too. Blazers can be worn with a trendy fall skirt and a peplum top or you can surprise your boss with a pair of nice slacks and a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and your blazer.

Overall, this fall offers a chance for you to express yourself and your inner hippie style. An important key to establishing your fashion sense is to never be afraid to express yourself and be you. After all, the fashion founders of Woodstock and Coachella never ceased to feel insecure about their appearance and created a style that is groovy and hip all at the same time.

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