Blaine’s Favorite Fall Beauty Items

By Blaine Ochoa

As the Texas weather cools down and we start preparing for the holidays, don’t forget to keep your skin-care and makeup routine in check.

You want to make sure you continue to have healthy, glowing skin this season and stay extra hydrated and moisturized due to the colder weather. Also, it’s fun to incorporate new colors and makeup trends into your beauty routine. This fall season highlights rich bronze shadows and deep berry colors sure to spice up your look. These are my favorite beauty items for the fall, meant to help you stay hydrated, glowing, and sparkling all season long.

Lucky Cat Beauty Hydrating Cream Extreme $42

Based in Houston, Texas, celebrity makeup artist and owner of Lucky Cat Beauty, Aubrie Layne is an expert in the beauty industry. This is one of Aubrie’s favorite products and is perfect for the fall and winter season, when the weather is a little more harsh on the skin. This incredible cream is perfect if you have dry skin that need restoring. It is super hydrating and moisturizing and also softens and soothes dehydrated skin. It consists of beneficial ingredients such as, avocado, sunflower, sesame, hazelnut, and jojoba oils. 

Misty Rockwell Cosmetics Blush Compact in Polly $22.50

Misty Rockwell is the official Miss Texas USA makeup sponsor and is the owner of Misty Rockwell Cosmetics. I am obsessed with Misty’s sophisticated and timeless makeup line. Her products are designed to enhance the natural beauty of each client. Her Blush Compact in Polly is a perfect shade to wear this fall season. The blush is a striking, rich pink berry color that gives a beautiful soft finish on the cheeks and lasts all day long. 

Ellis Faas Cosmetics Ellis Lights E303 $37.65 

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Ellis Faas is a cruelty-free, luxury makeup brand that specializes in human colors and bringing to light the uniqueness that is inside each one of us. The color palettes that are created by Ellis Faas are like non other. I love the Ellis Lights eye highlighters.

They create an illusion of metallic eyes, and the texture appears moist while being perfectly dry with a smooth finish. The colors are also full of sparkle but do not contain glitter. I highly recommend wearing one of their eye popping shadows, perfect for special occasions and holiday parties. 

I see makeup as a way to express how you want to feel or want to portray yourself that day, and if that is in sync with your personality, then I think it’s beauty. – Ellis Faas

Marc Harvey Beauty MySkincAir Organics Mask Relief Oxygen Mist $10

Celebrity and professional makeup artist, Marc Harvey is the king of beauty in Houston, Texas. He owns Marc Harvey Beauty Cosmetics and also created his own organic and botanical based airbrush cosmetics line. His Mask Relief Oxygen Mist is a game changer, especially during this time of COVID-19. The mist features natural antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is great for all skin types and will give your skin healing, relief, hydration, and a sense of well being while wearing your daily protective mask. 

Blaine Beauty Queen Faux Lashes $25

I am thrilled to announce I launched my own cosmetics line called, Blaine Beauty, LLC in 2020.

Being the reigning Miss Houston USA and having been submerged in the beauty industry for over a decade, I have developed a love and passion for, and have become knowledgable, of the beauty and wellness industry. I wanted to create a brand that consists of luxury products, is inclusive, and helps women and men to feel their most confident and look their most beautiful.

Our best seller, the ‘Queen’ faux lashes are Korean silk and are light weight, reusable, cruelty-free, and customizable. They have large volume and create a beautiful glam effect. The ‘Queen’ lashes are perfect for a night out, photo shoots, or holiday parties to come. Also, %10 of Blaine Beauty sales goes back to international child relief efforts.

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