Exploration Green at the Starting Blocks

7-1 CLCWAThe Clear Lake City Water Authority plans to begin its Exploration Green project in the heart of Clear Lake as soon as state and local governments complete and issue the final necessary permits.

That decision came after a busy spring of public events and an election, when a vast majority of Clear Lake area citizens showed solid support for the Water Authority and the Exploration Green project to create the 200-acre flood control, recreation and conservation public space in Clear Lake.
With that support, current plans call for the project to begin in the Phase 1 area as soon as the necessary permits are issued.

The two candidates who endorsed Exploration Green, Gordon Johnson and Thomas Morrow, won by a three to one margin in the election to fill two seats on the CLCWA Board.

“The CLCWA election for two director positions was an invigorating win for Exploration Green and our community and we appreciate the large mandate to continue our efforts,” incumbent candidate Gordon Johnson said. “We want to focus on positive efforts to keep the public well-informed,” he added.

The other newly elected CLCWA director, Thomas Morrow, said, “We are both very humbled by the outpouring of support and voter turnout. We know the only way we can thank voters is by doing the best job we can to keep the promises we made to you: To work to assure that the water authority provides you with outstanding quality and service, to do so at the lowest possible cost, to protect our community from increased flooding, to ensure responsible growth, to plan for the future, and to conserve, even improve, our local environment.”

Some project opponents requested a public meeting with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to discuss an important environmental permit amendment requested by CLCWA.  The amendment is needed to route a portion of reuse water to the green space to help wetlands clean run-off water from streets and lawns and maintain adequate flowing water through the lakes.

Even though the TCEQ states that the permit application by CLCWA meets all statutory and regulatory requirements, a TCEQ public meeting on May 29 was another opportunity for citizens to learn more about the master plan of Exploration Green.

“We hope with all the open transparency through Exploration Green Town Halls and events, and the CLCWA director’s campaign and decisive election, that we’ll quickly receive the permits needed to begin Phase 1,” said CLCWA Vice President John Branch.

Frank Weary, longtime Clear Lake community leader and Exploration Green Conservancy chairman, added, “The number of Exploration Green supporters and volunteers continues to rapidly grow. Our biggest challenge is building our organizational structure and placing volunteers into key positions and committees – a  hint for all interested in getting connected. Go to our website and join the volunteer team now!”

Citizens, community members and interested parties are encouraged to follow Exploration Green via any of its social media platforms. EG is active on Facebook at “Exploration Green.” The public is also encouraged to visit the current Exploration Green site by entering the V-shaped property at intersections with streets found by searching for “77062”on Google maps.

For more information about Exploration Green project visit www.ExplorationGreen.org and http://clcwa.org/explorationgreen.html

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