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Dr. Phi P Nguyen, M.D.

By Blaine Ochoa

Throughout life, there are pivotal moments that happen that change the course of our future. Moments can impact us in different ways and transform our lives. For example, reaching a new level in our career, attaining a dream goal, creating a family, or moving to a different country. Life is made up partly of what inevitably happens to us, and more importantly, the decisions we make – this is what changes and shapes our lives.

You have great power over the direction and outcome of your life. Your choices don’t define you, but they will always have an impact. Your mindset and the way you view yourself are beyond powerful. Having a strong mind and self confidence is healthy, and it is the foundation that guides one into making decisions. Perfection doesn’t exist, but loving yourself and striving to be the best version of you on the inside and outside is imperative to living a full life.

In the aesthetic and beauty world, getting plastic surgery has usually been a controversial topic and life choice. I believe it’s important to break the stereotypical mindset that plastic surgery is a negative, frowned upon decision. With today’s technology, medical advancements, and highly trained doctors, plastic surgery is safer and can be more beneficial than ever. I support the idea that there is nothing wrong with enhancing your outer appearance in such a way that makes you feel more confident and enhances your life.

Each day, “start by creating a better you and always look forward – never look back” says, Dr. Phi Nguyen, Owner of MIA Plastic Surgery. Dr. Phi Nuygyn was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. Dr. Phi came to Houston for college and medical training where he attended Rice University, as well as University of Texas Medical School where he received his medical degree. He trained in general surgery and plastic surgery at St. Joseph Hospital. Dr. Phi then started his own private practice in 1997. He later sold his first practice and founded MIA Plastic Surgery in 2008, located in Houston, Texas. Aside from being a sought after and esteemed plastic surgeon, Dr. Phi loves spending time with his family and enjoys photography, surfing, boating, and playing tennis.

Dr. Phi says he didn’t always start out wanting to be a plastic surgeon. He originally wanted to be an artist, and has a huge passion for art and creativity. He however chose the field of medicine, and realized that plastic surgery was “the only field that allowed the doctor to use all of his creativity to help the patient not only get back to whole or normal but to also improve the patient.” In aesthetics and plastic surgery, “you are helping the patient be a better version of themselves. Everything else in medicine you’re normally treating an illness or disease.”

Aesthetic treatments can help boost ones self confidence and enhance a person’s lifestyle. “Surgery can be apart of a life transformation for someone. Most of the time it creates a lifestyle change, an inner and outer transformation. We love watching that transformation, it is the biggest satisfaction.”

In today’s society, some people still share the common misconception that plastic surgery can end up looking fake with the appearance that the patient clearly had work done. Social media has even been a platform for exposing poorly performed plastic surgery procedures. This is not accurate when the surgery is performed by the right medical professional with the best approach.

“At MIA we believe in that philosophy of minimally invasive aesthetics. We use the latest technology and advancements to achieve the best results and desired outcome.

The recovery period is much faster, there is less scaring, less down time, and the result is a more natural look. The MIA team prides itself on highlighting the patient’s natural beauty, staying conservative, and creating a youthful look with the proper aesthetic surgery. Without knowing you’ve had any work done.”

Dr. Phi also believes in the importance of giving back as well as educating minds. Dr. Phi is highly involved in charity work and sits on a few different foundation boards in the United States, as well as being philanthropically involved in Vietnam. “While still helping our patients, we would also like to become an institution and training school that educates doctors and surgeons on non invasive aesthetics and technology.”

“The success of MIA depends on our whole teamwork approach to help our patients the best possible way.” MIA offers everything from non invasive, minimally invasive, to full surgical procedures. MIA also offers facials, injections, non invansive body sculpting, and even mommy makeovers. “We are fortunate that we can offer such a variety of treatments under one roof, even doing actual full surgical procedures at our facility. We pride ourself on our quality service, and make sure our patients are taken care of months and years after procedures.” Dr. Phi also loves interacting with his patients and forming a relationship and bond.

Take control and responsibility over your mind, your decisions, and your life. Do what makes your soul happy and enhances your overall well being and self confidence. Aesthetics and medicine is an art and science that can transform a person’s life for the better. From improving ones health, self confidence boosting, to outer body aesthetics, plastic surgery can enhance a person’s life. Plastic surgery can even bring more opportunity, happiness, and better well being for someone. If you would like to contact the incredible MIA Plastic Surgery team call (832) 804-8992 or visit www.allaboutmia.com You can also follow MIA on social media on Instagram @miaplasticsurgery and on Facebook.

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