Elite Care is more than just Emergency Care

Elite Care is one of the best examples of emergency care in the Bay Area.

They offer full-service emergency evaluation and treatment with a focus on the patient experience. From coughs to chest pains (and everything in between), Elite Care can provide the services that you need.

Elite Care is a free-standing emergency department and as such is required to have the same capabilities as a hospital-based ER, including experienced nurses and physicians trained in emergency care. Elite Care prides itself on being able to provide expert emergency care quickly and in a hospitable setting. While being hospitable, they are not a hospital and if inpatient services are needed, they are able to place you in the hospital of your choice (pending availability).

Elite Care specializes in total patient care and offers a most inviting experience. It all begins the moment you walk in the doors of this state-of-the-art emergency facility. The well-designed waiting area will remind you of your living room at home, with inviting plush chairs, big screen TV and a variety of amenities such as complimentary cold drinks, hot coffees, and snacks. The facility is spotless and you know you are in a very clean, as well as comfortable environment.

As nice as the waiting room is, their aim is for you to spend as little time there as possible, often getting you back to the treatment area within minutes of arrival. You will typically be assessed by the whole team all at once, eliminating the need to repeat questions and facilitating rapid evaluation and treatment. Their goal is not to rush care but to provide it efficiently and expeditiously in a fraction of the time typically experienced in the hospital emergency department.

Providing timely care means having the necessary tools at your disposal to do so. Elite Care has on-site lab and imaging capabilities (including X-ray, ultrasound and CT scan) in order to rapidly assess your emergency. They also have the medications typically needed for emergency care and can often provide the first treatment in the facility if necessary. Elite Care is equipped to handle lacerations, extremity injuries (including sprains, fractures, and dislocations) as well as treatment of life-threatening conditions.

As a free-standing emergency department, Elite Care is not affiliated with any particular hospital. Most patients needing emergency care do not end up needing to be admitted to the hospital; this determination is not always clear without a physician evaluation and often other tests are needed to help make that decision. Elite Care is capable of providing that assessment and getting you just what you need—be it a hospital bed, an appointment with a specialist, or just back to your home.

Sometimes it is not always possible to clearly make the determination of whether or not you need to be in the hospital. While medical knowledge and technology has advanced in amazing ways, following the course of the illness is necessary to make the best decision. In those situations where symptoms are too severe (or the suspicion of a dangerous condition is too great) to safely discharge you home but not bad enough to merit hospitalization, Elite Care offers the ability to observe you in their facility for less than 24 hours. You will be provided a private room with your own bathroom while being monitored and/or receiving treatment until it is decided it is safe for you to go home, or that it is certain that you need further inpatient care.

Elite’s philosophy in patient care is providing a totally satisfying experience from the moment you and your family enter the emergency department to the time you leave. The goal they aim for every day is to offer a warm welcome to people in distress, fast care with a trained emergency physician who will spend the time to listen to your story and your concerns, and who will discuss all aspects of your evaluation and treatment. They believe in the concept of shared decision-making, where they provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about your healthcare and invest you in the process–a healthcare partnership.

Child patient continues concussion tests with Dr. Vincent.

Emergency care can be expensive and Elite Care is aware of the burden this can place on those needing emergency services. Elite Care accepts all commercial insurances but are not allowed to participate in any federal programs as licensing for a free-standing emergency department is done by the state and not at the federal level. While they are not in-network with any particular insurance, state and federal law requires insurance companies treat emergency care delivered in an emergency department as in-network. Elite Care understands that dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be complicated and has dedicated staff to assist you in resolving any and all issues. And for those that choose to pay up front, they offer significantly discounted rates at the time of service.

Elite Care is owned by the physicians and in order to keep patients happy they must provide the best care possible at a reasonable price. The founding doctors all worked in community and academic emergency departments and, dissatisfied with the attention devoted to the emergency department in some hospitals, decided they could deliver better care in a better way, dedicating all resources to the emergency patient. Elite Care provides what both patients and doctors want: time. Time to talk. Time to listen. Time to provide the care that you need. Your emergency is their emergency.

There is no consuming paperwork wait or impersonal billing clerks. They accept cash, credit cards and all valid insurance and will work with a patient on a payment plan. Elite Care is in a league of its own in League City, Texas. They provide – Real Doctors, Real ER and Real Fast!! Elite Care is located at 2530 Gulf Freeway, League City, Texas and their phone number is 281-337-7500. They are available with trained ER doctors 24 hours a day.

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