Delivering Joy to the World

The Women’s Center at Bay Area Regional Medical Center is now open!

“My experience here at Bay Area Regional Medical Center was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better hospital and a better doctor. I’m truly blessed with how wonderful I was taken care of. All of the nurses were amazing,” said Meagan Cantu, one of the first women to deliver at Bay Area Regional.

With a goal to provide exceptional care for moms and babies with a family-centered approach and compassionate, experienced staff, the Women’s Center features private, luxurious suites with some of the most advanced clinical equipment and comfort options.

Comfort Features
The Women’s Center at Bay Area Regional offers many design features to help expectant mothers feel as comfortable as possible. The Women’s Center features the most modern labor bed on the market – the bed moves mom rather than the mom having to reposition for delivery. Women in labor can also take advantage of remote fetal monitoring, meaning there is no cable connecting mom to a monitor.

Experience Matters

Every clinical staff person working on the unit has years of experience helping moms welcome their babies into the world. Many of our nurses have RNC certification, an exam-based certification that requires at least 1,500 hours of experience in the specialty before they can take the exam.

“The Houston Bay Area region is a community full of development, especially with younger growing families. It gives me great satisfaction to see families grow and help them along their journey toward a completed family,” said Dr. Bassem Maximos, OB/GYN.

“Both my patients and I are excited to have a new facility that is focused on patient experience and quality care. Bay Area Regional will provide a beautiful, healthy environment for the birth of their child, and I am thrilled to be part of Bay Area Regional’s expansion of the new Women’s Center,” said Maximos.

“I love the people at Bay Area – everyone is friendly and has a lot of experience,” said Dr. Maya Figueroa, OB/GYN at Bay Area Regional. “They all go above and beyond to give my patients great care. My gynecological surgery patients have all had wonderful things to say about their experiences here, so I look forward to the rave reviews I can expect from my expectant mothers.”

New moms can rest assured with an impressive neonatologist group that has been in the area for over 25 years and specially trained, experienced nurses in our Neontal ICU (NICU). Our team of specialists care for babies as young as 23 weeks and can stay close to home. Every room in Bay Area Regional’s NICU is a private suite and includes rooms that adjoin for twins.

In the three years that Bay Area Regional Medical Center has been open, the hospital has not stopped expanding to meet the needs of the community. Since July 2014, the hospital has expanded the emergency room, surgery rooms, heart and vascular center, and opened three more floors for medical-surgical and ICU.

To schedule a tour of the unit, call 281-525-7578.

To pre-register in person, go to the Welcome Desk in the Grand Lobby of Bay Area Regional (200 Blossom Street, Webster) or online. To learn more visit

Labor, delivery and recovery room

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Lobby of the Women’s Center

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