Creatively Aggressive

Behind the scenes filming the pilot, “Firm Fixer.”

By Blaine Ochoa

Great achievement in life and obtaining success takes effort, focus, and discipline. Even more so, it takes being aggressive and taking action. Rising to the top consists of working hard, working smart, and being creatively different and uniquely aggressive. Aggression not displayed as violence, instead, meaning tough, relentless, and driven.

Attorney, McDonald (Don) Worley is the epitome of the words creatively aggressive, resilient, and successful. As an esteemed and recognized attorney, Worley’s experience and passion has led to his success. Winning in the courtroom consists of being bold and knowledgeable, combined with honesty and creativity. “You lie, you loose. Always tell the truth, that goes for every part of life.”

Don Worley was born and raised in Texas. Worley studied at the University of Texas at Austin, Howard Payne University, and the University of Houston. He has been the owner of McDonald Worley Law Firm for 21 years, is fluent in Spanish, and has seven lawyers working for his firm. The firm specializes in Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents, Mass Torts, and a variety of other areas of law. The McDonald Worley Law Firm has locations in Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C., and has recently expanded into Beaumont.

In the world of law and legal matters, a client would most assuredly want an attorney who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and fights to the best of his or her ability to win their case.
“People come to me with the most tragic and catastrophic experiences of their life.” I want my clients to know that we are in it together.”

Worley is also a professional actor and stand up comedian. Being a trained actor, has “helped me become a better trial lawyer. Acting is my passion and so is being able to help others through law.”

Part of the driving force that has led to the success of the McDonald Worley Law Firm is the unique marketing approach the firm has formed and properly executed.

Shylene Correa is the Business Development Director and promotes the image and reputation of the law firm. Correa breathes creativity and utilizes different marketing techniques. She and the team has developed different video and social media marketing tactics that has changed the way attorneys are viewed and presented.

Don Worley has become the go-to legal expert and resource in the Houston community and beyond. You can find Worley’s educational and informative law videos on his social media platforms such as Instagram: @mcdonaldworleypc.

Worley has recently started a new project with well known Director, Producer, and Director of EverConvert Productions, Jay Russell. Russel and his TV crew, are currently in the process of shooting a pilot episode called, “Firm Fixer,” to sell to TV networks. Russell says, “Don gets calls all the time from other law firms asking for advice and help, they just don’t have the background that Don has. We want people to know and trust him and feel that they have a personal relationship with Don.” The TV show will be comprised of episodes related to specific, real cases that showcase topics and situations that are relevant to the public and educates the audience. The creativity and message behind the show, Firm Fixer, combined with social media marketing, brings the firms marketing efforts to ceiling shattering levels, guaranteed for success and growth. This type of marketing isn’t typically done by other law firms and introduces marketing a law firm and legal experts on a whole new level.

Ultimately, “our job is to get justice for our clients and increase satisfaction of life.”

The McDonald Worley Law Firm specializes in providing excellent service and communication within all areas of the legal industry, and helps its clients to the very best of their ability.

In life, in the courtroom, or in marketing strategies, you have to be prepared, aggressively take action, and learn how to creatively set yourself apart to rise above the rest.

If you need legal advice or assistance, contact the McDonald Worley Law Firm at or call 1-800-610-2001.

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