Watch out for this COVID-19 scam

Neighboring law enforcement received a report of individuals soliciting water samples from residents to gain access to their homes and information.

These group of individuals are posing as city, county or state employees, and are attempting to gain access to people’s houses to test their water for COVID-19. Along with the test, they are also requesting personal information.

The City of Kemah as with other surrounding cities are not performing any water testing. Johnny Bellamy, WCID #12 Manager said, “Water district employees never enter a home for the purpose of testing water quality and our drinking water in Kemah is approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).”

If you witness any suspicious activity please call the Kemah Police Department immediately at (281) 334-5414 or the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department at 409-766-2322 option 2.

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