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RETHINK FOOD COVERLocal Amy Goodman co-authors Rethink Food

Today more than ever in the history of mankind have people been so consumed with food.  We all eat food daily and some of us consume more than others.  There are many reasons why we prefer to eat certain diets such as the protein based, plant based or a combination of the two diets.  Do we eat to live? Or to live to eat? That is the question. Is nutrition a priority in making a choice of what foods you consume?

Rethink Food is an awesome book which addresses many of today’s issues and questions about food and nutrition. It was written recently and published by Co-authors,  local writer Amy-Lee Goodman and Shushana Castle.

Amy-Lee Goodman had a younger sister who for years suffered with a debilitating case of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when she was nine years old.  For seven years she tried all conventional types of treatment, one form of chemotherapy, and the popular Enbrel injections twice a day.  Nothing worked.

“After reading the China Study by Dr. T. Colin, my mother took my sister off all animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) and within three months the arthritis went into remission,” Goodman said.  After interviewing doctors and food experts from her other popular book, The Meaty Truth, she realized that there wasn’t one resource out there that combined all these expert voices together from around the world into one resource.  Most resources are country specific.

Rethink Food is different as it has both power in numbers and power in context that will hopefully persuade readers and the public to redefine our relationship between nutrition and disease.  It is time to put health back into healthcare. It was not until most recently physicians have been educated about the correlation between nutrition, good health and disease.

Amy-Lee Goodman will be releasing her second book, The Meaty Truth, How our food is destroying our health, environment and who is responsible, in October 2014.  Her book takes a hard look at the connections between our food, health and environment.  Her books are available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble and most bookstores.


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