Clear Lake Chatter – ‘Nauti’ Fashion Show brings out the ladies at Lakewood Yacht Club

Lakewood Yacht Club Ladies Association 2021 officers greet the arriving crowd for their spring fashion show luncheon. They are, from left, President Janelle Leistad, Vice President Linda Weidmann, Treasurer Linda Elting, Fleet Capt. Ann-Marie Doolin and Secretary Barbie Breaux.

LAKEWOOD YACHT CLUB had hardly opened its doors for the Ladies Association’s “Nauti” Fashion Show and Luncheon Friday, March 5 than the crowd began arriving, all wearing masks and happy to be mingling with friends once again. Leona Pleasant was among them, as were Alice Thomas, Joy Edwards, Sandy Lewis, Rosebud Caradec, Marcia Smith, Joyce Lindsay, Rosemary Bettis, Nicole Shields and Elizabeth Koster.

On hand to greet them were members of the Ladies Association Executive Board – President Janelle Leistad, Vice President Linda Weidmann, who was chairman of the event; Secretary Barbie Breaux, Treasurer Linda Elting, Fleet Capt. Ann Marie Doolin and Parliamentarian Judith Shaw, as Julie Howell, Sue Broughton and Joy Edwards signed them in, along with Marion DeHart, Marsha Smith, Sue Collier, Mary Moorehead, Pamela Dickinson, Terrilee Maudlin, Janine Sutter, Phyllis Davis, Louise Toole, Susie Cunningham,  Evey Leavens, Valerie Shows, Jane Downs, Gayle Loyd, Julie Osburn, Sue Collier and Edna Rice.

Wasn’t long before Evelyn Baldwin walked in, quickly followed by Cynthia McMahan, Natalie Henrichs, Cheryl Baron, Beverly Persse, Janet Southard, Patricia Macaluso, Sherri Romer, Sherri Anderson, Nicole Shields, Rosalind Clayton, Vivian Tomlinson, Anne Kemberling, Marsha Smith, Chris Christianson, Valeria Shows, Jen Gerdes, Tammy Severance, Elizabeth Maxwell, Kathy Hall, Alex Paulea, Carolyn Lightfoot, and Carla, Scott and Allison Sharples.

Photo by CoCo Critelli

And, as they caught up on each other’s news, fashion models Johnette Norman, Ashley Boyd, Evelyn Baldwin, Marsha Taylor, Catherine Klemowits, Rubye Garrett, Stacy Covington, and LYC First Lady Jane Downs were busy backstage getting ready to show off “Nauti” (nautical) fashions and accessories from Jeanette Faulkner’s A Unique Boutique and the LYC Ship’s Store, chaired by Amy Dunphey, many might like to wear to the Blessing of the Fleet and the Commodore’s Dock Party. Joining them in both modeling and assisting the models were Commodore Michael Downs, former Commodores Tom Taylor and Jack Thomas, plus Scott Covington, Lou Marinos, Keith Klemowits and Ronald Leistad.

Debbie May, President Pat Adams and Darla McKitrick, from left, standing, swap ideas for the BOWA Gala with Mary Colombo, seated, at the BOWA luncheon. 

BOWA Gala theme will
be ‘A Black and White Affair’

BAY OAKS Women’s Association board members are busy these days making final plans for their annual gala, “A Black and White Affair,” which was rescheduled from this past November because of the pandemic. It’s on the calendar for Saturday, April 10 at Bay Oaks Country Club.

Actually, Chairman Terri Steinkamp tells us most of the planning was done months ago before the pandemic got out of hand. She and Co-Chairman Jordan Quillen are keeping their fingers crossed that most local residents will have their vaccines and worries about COVID-19 will be mostly a thing of the past by the time the crowd begins arriving for the elegant evening.

The fun begins at 6:15 p.m. with music by the Main Street Band. Dress is black tie optinal. Terri, who served as co-chairman of the last BOWA gala, is planning a delightful menu, plus a casino.

That was all the talk at BOWA’s most recent monthly luncheon Thursday March 4, which drew Mary Keathley, Cheri Burke, Susan McCoy, Eileen Hult, Urmila Kadam, Mary Colombo, Betty Woodhouse, Sue Laabs, Darla McKitrick, Terri Steinkamp, Carol Bobo, Elizabeth Fredericks, Trisha Gunn and Valerie Bloomfield to the get-together.
Others in the crowd included Debbie Roan, Ruth Beecher, Sheryl Lane, Tara Viswanath, Susan Franklin, Debbie May, Julie Ellis, Stephanie Mitzner, Barbara Conway, Chris Howland, Marcus Peavler, Lana Leslie, Raji Shankar, Nikole Kempnich, Barbara Miller and President Pat Adams.

Clear Lake Chamber officials in the crowd at the monthly luncheon at Landry’s on the Kemah Boardwalk included, from left, Past Chairman Richard Simmons, President Cindy DeWease, Chairman Robert Davee and Past Chairman Jamieson Mackey.

Chamber members learn
how to deal with trauma

AS CLEAR LAKE Chambers members gathered for a hybrid meeting at Landry’s at Jimmie Walker’s in Kemah, some probably wondered how many chamber luncheons had been held in that building over the past century, and, while no one probably has a record, no doubt it’s quite a few, and always enjoyable.

Chamber President Cindy DeWease and Vice President Shari Sweeney joined Chairman Robert Davee and Vice Chairman Jonathan Cothrell in welcoming the happy crowd – some no doubt just happy to have some place to go and mingle with friends.
Among the early arrivals, you might have spotted Past Chamber Chairmen Jamieson Mackay and Richard Simmons stopping to say hello to Kevin Venable, Debbie Simmons, Genie Hayes, Mandy Knight, Amber Blake, Mark Ortiz, Deeann Duckworth, Brian Rothermel, Brie Little and Daniel Legnion as they made their way through the arriving crowd.

Wasn’t long before they found themselves in the company of Elizabeth Smith, Hillary Gramm, Richard Law, Heather Tonnessen, Gayle Nelson, Scott Stillman, Darmie and Karen Rudisill, Shelly Dyer, Twila Lindblade, Mackenzie Walker, Rebecca Martinez, Jacob Bigger, Cathy McLarty, Tracy Daily, Julia Gallagher, Lauri Coppock, Vickie Delbello, Sandra Lambert and Vanessa Bartholomew.

Guest speaker Sharon Bayus, president and CEO of Innovative Alternatives, turned the crowd’s attention to trauma – such as many Texas families have been having to deal with during the recent ice storm and the pandemic, focusing on ways employers can support their employees who are dealing with trauma, which can also come from crime, accidents and illnesses – even elections.

Then it was time to say good bye for Lydia Cook, Greg Sharp, Rachel Tyrrna, Emily Cegelski, Sarah Ferguson, Fay Picard, Julie Lambert, Alice McCalla, Stephanie Tunchez, Brad Flesher, Brenda Mireles, Krystyna Fennelly, Leah Sikes, Jack Kaiser, Amy Doherty, Ashley Martinez, Lana Lagunas, Vickie Delbello, Joe Applewhite, Denise Nelms, Mark Ortiz, Ed Klein, Adelina Abshire, Brad Bricker and Chris Premont and head back to work.

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