Clear Creek ISD trustees call for $367 million bond vote on May 11

The Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept the Citizens Facility Advisory Committee’s recommendation to call for a $367 million bond referendum in order to address CCISD facilities, instructional technology, and co-curricular and extracurricular programs.

Contents of the school bond package were prioritized by a 30-member facility committee consisting of parents, local citizens, business leaders and educators.

Over the course of several months, the committee studied a district-wide facility assessment, enrollment projections, and district financial information as well as toured schools. The committee used this information and input from the public to finalize its recommendation.

What’s included in the Bond?

The proposed bond will touch all CCISD schools and eight support facilities in some capacity. The bond will:

  • Address aging or overcrowded campuses and infrastructure, improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and increase the life expectancy of existing facilities.
  • Improve safety and security systems at many campuses.
  • Upgrade wireless infrastructure and expand access to technology in every classroom.
  • Construct or expand facilities to support co-curricular and extracurricular programs.

What’s the tax impact on property owners?

The estimated tax increase of this bond is $0.1125. If approved by voters, a homeowner of a median home would see an initial $5.12 increase per month in property taxes with a maximum annual payment of $172.72. A median home in CCISD is $177,400. Homeowners 65 years and older would not see a tax rate increase as their property tax rates are frozen by law. Election Day will be Saturday, May 11. Early voting will begin April 29 and end May 7. The last day to register to vote in this election will be April 11.

Clear Lake High School: $ 98,606,691

  • Major rebuild of 1972 building
  • A comprehensive, two story high school to accommodate 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade in one building
  • Improve safety and security
  • Eliminate the use of a 9th grade center
  • Proposal excludes field house, gyms, pool and science wing

Clear Creek High School: $ 24,227,219

  • Complete the rebuild of Clear Creek High School (1956) which was not included in the 2004 bond
  • Includes career and technical education, athletics and fine arts areas

Seabrook Intermediate: $ 11,773,351

  • Replace portables with permanent addition
  • Expand cafeteria, library and stage to accommodate student enrollment

McWhirter Elementary: $ 30,804,660  

  • Complete rebuild of 1956 and 1971 buildings
  • Campus currently has 72 exterior doors
  • Proposal is to build a smaller and energy efficient campus

Improvements to the following 40 Year old + facilities: $ 16,663,402

Clear Lake City Elementary, Ross Elementary, Ed White Elementary, Whitcomb Elementary, Clear Lake Intermediate, Clear Path Alternative School , Clear View Education Center, District Assessment Center

Student Safety, Priority Repairs, and Growth: $87,000,000

Clear Brook High School: $ 20,879,208

  • Secure entrance
  • Repair foundation and structural damage
  • Expand commons and other areas for growth

Creekside Intermediate: $ 8,251,469

  • Permanent addition to accommodate enrollment
  • Defers need for an additional intermediate on the Westside of the District

Greene Elementary: $5,700,355

  • Permanent addition to accommodate enrollment
  • Expand cafeteria and core areas

Clear Creek High School & Clear Springs High School third gyms to accommodate enrollment: $ 8,636,277

  • Relieve scheduling conflicts during school day
  • Standard for 5A high schools is 4 gyms per high school

Safety upgrades and priority repairs to the following schools: $43,052,825

Armand Bayou Elementary, Bauerschlag Elementary, Bay Elementary, Brookwood Elementary, Falcon Pass Elementary, Ferguson Elementary, Gilmore Elementary, Goforth Elementary, Hall Elementary, Hyde Elementary, Landolt Elementary, League City Elementary, North Pointe Elementary, Robinson Elementary, Stewart Elementary, Ward Elementary, Weber Elementary, Wedgewood Elementary, Brookside Intermediate, Clear Creek Intermediate, League City Intermediate, Space Center Intermediate, Westbrook Intermediate, Main Transportation Center, Support facilities, replace 40 school buses with more than 200,000 miles, replace musical instruments and replace emergency communications equipment

Instructional Technology: $45,000,000

  • Improve wireless access in all classrooms
  • Provide classroom equity with projectors and interactive whiteboards in classrooms
  • Start-up investment only for student and teacher tablet computers for online learning, textbooks, and enrichment
  • Replacements for 6-8 year old computer labs and desktops

Co-curricular and Extracurricular: 

$ 49,000,000

Second District Stadium: $ 39,079,651

  • Second stadium to accommodate five 5A high schools and ten intermediate schools
  • 9,500 seat steel structure with track and field house for graduation staging and student events
  • Does not include media scoreboard
  • Land purchased for a stadium in the 2004 bond
  • Alleviate traffic and scheduling conflicts at Clear Creek High School and Clear Creek Intermediate
  • Eliminate Thursday evening home games

Veterans Memorial Stadium: $2,026,581

  • Replace bleacher railings for safety
  • Replace end of life-cycle turf

Westside Agriculture Center: $ 2,922,089

  • Expand facility to accommodate program growth among three high schools

Eastside Agriculture Center: $ 3,552,687

  • New facility at a new location to accommodate program growth and two high schools

Music Instrument Replacements: $ 1,800,000


(Rounded to even number) $ 367,000,000

  • 1% of total for bond issuance costs
  • Project management costs

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