CLCWA Moves Forward with Phase 1 Exploration Green Excavation


The Clear Lake City Water Authority plans to move forward with the excavation of the Exploration Green Phase 1 flood detention area in the fall time frame.

The CLCWA is setting in motion a pilot excavation after Harris County Flood Control District approved a transfer to the Water Authority of about 20 acres of drainage ditch property at the site.  CLCWA is requesting permits from the City of Houston and Harris County for the excavation with a planned completion of the initial detention pond area in mid-2016.

The Phase 1 pond area, located behind the Clear Lake City Recreation Center and between Diana Lane, Reseda Drive and Ramada Drive, will be dry initially except for naturally occurring water from rain and groundwater as a permit request to add treated reuse water continues through a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality review process. The CLCWA expects the TCEQ permit amendment to be approved also by mid-2016.

As the excavation begins, the Section 1 area will be appropriately fenced off and security measures enforced to ensure safety of local residents and Exploration Green visitors. The public is encouraged to visit the other four sections of Exploration Green which will remain open for green space enjoyment including walking, running, bird-watching and much more.

“We see an urgency to begin the project so the Clear Lake community can have greatly improved flood protection sooner rather than later, according to CLCWA Vice President John Branch. “While the ponds are a great amenity with important environmental wetlands benefits, the excavated pond area will immediately provide added flood control and allow us to continue the exemption from the City of Houston drainage fee.  That currently amounts to around $2.4 million a year for our residents and businesses.”

“The Exploration Green Conservancy and its volunteers are celebrating the decision to move forward with the recreation, conservation and flood control area,” said Frank Weary, the EGC chair. “The Exploration Green Tree and Wetlands Nurseries are filled with a variety of native Texas trees and water plants waiting to be planted by our energized volunteers.”

Exploration Green Conservancy, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to provide amenities for the Exploration Green park, is now accepting tax deductible donations for trees, shrubs and grasses; park and landscaping equipment such as benches, nursery and irrigation systems. For more information about contributing to Exploration Green visit and click on “Donate Now.”

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