CCISD trustees approve safety recommendations

The Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a set of recommendations outlined by the District’s School Safety Committee during its regular July 23, 2018 meeting.

The approved recommendations address facilities, security personnel, student mental wellness, security training and protocols, policies and procedures, and communications in an effort to improve overall safety for students and staff.

“The real way to prevent school violence is through people, prevention and communication,” Board President Page Rander said. “The committee was bold in pushing forward their recommendation in supporting 30 additional full-time employees whom will both be officers and counselors, as well as wanting to explore adding more staff to address the social and emotional needs of children.”

After meeting for several weeks throughout June and July, the committee reviewed current safety measures and developed a list of recommendations for board approval. Prior to making a final recommendation to the school board, the committee considered community feedback during a public meeting on July 16. Click here to view the full list of the committee’s final approved recommendations.

Accordingly, several updates to the District’s dress code policy will go into effect for the 2018- 2019 school year. The following dress code updates reflect the committee’s final recommendations related to prevention through policy:

  • During normal school hours, secondary students shall be required to wear identification
    badges (ID’s).
  • Inappropriate shoes includes, but is not limited to, shower shoes, house slippers and
    “heelies” (roller shoes).
  • Any head coverings (including but not limited to hats, caps and hoodies) are not allowed on
    campus during school hours.
  • Trench coats or oversized jackets are not allowed on campus during school hours.

For more information about campus-specific dress code policies, visit your campus website.

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