CCISD students score above state average on STAAR tests

STAARlogoBased on preliminary results from the Texas Education Agency, 77 to 99 percent of all Clear Creek School District students passed their respective State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests for the 2013-2014 school year. The state administered 22 standardized assessments this spring between grades 3 through 12.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Greg Smith wrote a letter to parents stating, “I ask that you remember the STAAR assessment is only one indicator of your child’s progress and is in no way a true portrait of his or her fullest potential. Overall, our students outperformed their peers on all STAAR academic indicators, but perhaps what is most important to us is the daily teaching and learning that occurs throughout the year.”

District administrators, teachers and parents have been working together to develop a community-based accountability system that not only accounts for STAAR results but also other characteristics of a quality education system.

Those characteristics were prioritized by the community in a 2014 phone survey conducted by Baselice & Associates. When asked to rank the indicators most important in judging a school system, the community ranked STAAR results last.

The top ranking indicators in the order of importance are as follows: a strong college preparatory program; a variety of education opportunities that meet the needs and interests of all students, high levels of community involvement, high scores on the national college entrance exams, updated school facilities and comprehensive fine arts and athletic programs.

“Our community values much more than just how a student performs on a given day in the spring,” said Smith. “They have higher expectations for their children and we are working to create a comprehensive report card on how we are doing at educating the whole child in CCISD.”

CCISD Preliminary STAAR Results

Grade    Subject     CCISD
3             Reading    87%
3             Math         79%
4             Reading    86%
4             Writing     84%
4             Math         79%
5             Math         88%
5             Science     85%

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