Car Show Luxury Performers

By Don Armstrong

Each January, we make the annual pilgrimage to the Houston Auto Show at NRG Center, and each year we’re amazed at what lies before us. In this issue of Bay Area Houston Magazine, we focus on a couple of high performing luxury models that must be on your look-see list at the 2020 show.

Lexus LC 500h
The Lexus LC is one of the most gorgeous coupes to grace our shores in recent memory. Its shape is art in-motion, a sleek arrow with oversized rear haunches that enhance its already aerodynamic styling. Even the Lexus signature, oversized “spindle” grille somehow seems to work with this car.

The interior is simply beautiful, with attention to detail befitting its $100,000 price tag. Front seats hug you like a premium pair of leather driving gloves, the rears, however, are uninhabitable. The LC 500’s infotainment screen is controlled by a center console touch pad that adds a layer of control for the sake of screen placement.

With a 471-horsepower V-8, the only thing it lacks is fuel mileage. Now comes the LC 500 “h,” or hybrid, that combines a V-6 gasoline engine with dual electric motors, delivering 30-MPG and 354-horsepower to the rear wheels.

A visit to the 2020 Houston Auto Show won’t be complete without a stop at the Lexus display to see the LC 500h.

Mercedes calls the GLC a “coupe,” we call it an SUV, and it competes in the most competitive class of all, small to midsize. But this do-all becomes a head-of-class contender through its under-hood muscle.

The AMG wing of Mercedes turbocharged its V-8 to the tune of 469-horsepower and 479-lb. ft. torque. This Benz can be as tame as you want but can also blast its way to superhighway speeds in the blink of an eye.

If it weren’t for the GLC’s increased ground clearance, it could easily be a sexy, fastback sedan with its big, new Mercedes grille and in-your-face emblem. Huge wheels, big, trim-enhanced wheel well openings and faux front and rear skid plate embellishments proclaim, “here I am.”

The interior reflects all of this German company’s finest; high quality trim with impeccable fit and finish, including an updated infotainment system called MBUX.

The GLC starts at a reasonable $50,000, add the AMC 63 package and the price jumps to $100,000.

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