Bohemian Decor


Decorative Monstera Deliciosa leaves in glass vase placed on wooden table in bright interior with plants


Bohemian or Boho decor is a great way to incorporate travel and culture into your home. If you are a creative person such as a writer, artist or blogger, this look is perfect for you. Bohemian decor is all about embracing the natural world all while telling a story. Boho themed homes are relaxing, warm and full of life – it’s a whole vibe.

Commonly, you’ll see neutral and earth toned walls and furniture. Beige, khaki or brown make for a good base. Let your rugs, pillows, candles, and souvenirs from traveling be the pop of color for your room. Don’t be afraid to mix colors either. Blue, orange, purple, sea foam… you name it. The softness of the walls and furniture will balance out the bold colors of your accessories.

A simple touch that brings a Boho home to life is live plants. Beautifully detailed macrame plant hangers and woven pots combined with the pop of green from plants is a must. Plants will improve the air quality as well, which is an added bonus. For the green thumb challenged, succulents are easy to take care of and bring life to a room effortlessly.

Boho furniture is a collection of all types of vintage finds. Every piece should have a story behind it. This is a great excuse to stop by antique and thrift shops and re-purpose a piece that speaks to you. Hanging chairs and hammocks instantly provide a calm and relaxing feeling.

Floor lamps, candles, and woven hanging fixtures are a good choice to finish off the Boho look. The lighting has to be ambient yet warm.


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