Bay Area voters head to polls May 4

By Mary Alys Cherry

Residents of many Bay Area cities will head to the polls Saturday, May 4 to elect a number of mayors and city councilors. In some instances where the candidates have no opposition – such as Dickinson, El Lago, Nassau Bay, Taylor Lake Village and Webster – no election will be held, and the candidates will be declared winners and sworn in at a later date.

While League City will not be electing candidates until November, its residents will join Pearland in voting on bond referendums.

Pearland plans an $80 million bond that will include drainage improvements, a new animal shelter and a number of road improvements including the Pearland Parkway circle and the widening of Bailey Road – five propositions in all that would increase the property tax rate by 3.75 cents per $100.

League City’s $145 million bond referendum will be in three parts:
-Proposition A covers $73 million for drainage problems in the city’s worst flooded neighborhoods during Harvey;
-Proposition B will provide $72 million to cover transportation issues and will also include a $5 million extension of the Grand Parkway;
-Proposition C is to adopt a sales tax increase of 0.25 percent, increasing the total to 8.25 per cent per $100 property value – meaning 2 percent would go to the city, and, if approved, would offset any increase in taxes caused by Prop. A and B.

If the first two propositions pass and the sales tax increase does not, League City’s tax rate will increase $0.014 per $100 in property value or about $28 yearly for a home valued at $250,000.

Visit Pearland and League City municipal websites for additional information.

Early voting runs April 26-26 and April 29-30.

Clear Creek ISD
District 1
-Laura DuPont

At Large Pos. B
-Ann Hammond
-Scott Bowen

Clear Lake Shores
-Kurt Otten

-Jan Bailey (i)
-Christy Lyons (i)
-Ralph Kliza

Deer Park
-Jerry Mouton (i)

Position 1
-Sherry Garrison (i)
-James Warren Stokes

Position 2
-Carol Castorena Greer
-TJ Haight

Position 3
-Tommy Ginn (i)

Position 2
-Bruce Henderson (i)

Position 4
-Wally Deats (i)

Position 6
-William H. King III (i)

El Lago
-John Skelton (i)

Position 1
-Jeff Tave (i)

Position 2
-Jeff Michalak (i)

Position 4
-Robert J. Griffon (i)

Position 6
-Brent Erenwert
-Carl W. Gustafson (i)

-Carl P. Joiner (i)
-Terri Gale

Position 2
-Wanda Zimmer (i)

Position 4
-Joseph A. Wilson
-Robin Collins (i)

La Porte
At Large A
-John Zemanek (i)
-Brandon Lunsford

District 4
-Thomas Garza
-Marc Clarke

District 5
-Jay Martin (i)
-Chuck Rosa

Nassau Bay
Position 1
-Don Matter (i)

Position 3
-John Mahon (i)

Position 5
-Bob Warters

District A
-Felipe Villarreal (i)
-Ornaido Ybarra

District B
-Steve Halvorson
-Blanca L. Sanchez
-Bruce Leamon (i)

District C
-Don Harrison (i)
-Jaimy Z. Blanco

District D
-Sammy Casados (i)

District E
-Cody Ray Wheeler (i)
-Joseph JT Thomas

District F
-Phil Cayten (i)
-Sam Tijerina

District G
-Mary A. Vargas
-Cary Bass (i)

District H
-Lori Laird
-Thomas Schoenbein (i)

Position 1
-Derrell Isenberg
-Luke Orlando
-Jimi Amos

Position 5
-J. David Little (i)
-Sheila Pope

Position 6
-Tony Perez (i)

Taylor Lake Village
-Jon Keeney (i)

Position 2
-Doug Blanchard (i)

Position 4
-Einar Goerland (i)

Position 3
-Lawrence P. Tosto (i)

Position 4
-Beverly Gaines (i)

Position 5
-Edward Lapeyre (i)

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