Battle Rifle Company Now Open in Webster

Chris Kurzadkowski, pictured right, with some of his knowledgeable staff at Battle Rifle Company.

Chris Kurzadkowski, pictured right, with some of his knowledgeable staff at Battle Rifle Company.

Battle Rifle Company recently celebrated its 4th anniversary in business at its new facility in Webster.  At its grand opening and open house they greeted a large group of supporters from local law enforcement officers, hunters, tactical and competition shooters, as well as other gun enthusiasts.

The Battle Rifle Company was developed and created by local entrepreneur Chris Kurzadkowski, who along with his wife, Debbie Kurzadkowski, also own Lone Star Delivery Service.  Kurzadkowski, a former Army infantry man, commissioned National Guard and Army Reserve officer, has always had a passion regarding firearms, especially rifles.  His son, Nick, also shares his father’s interest and works alongside him in building AR rifles.

Battle Rifle Company is a unique arms store.  It offers a variety of AR style rifles, accessories and a small shooting area where you can test or try your new firearm. Customers and clients can discuss their needs to experienced armorers and receive custom rifles made to their individual needs.

“Many of our clients are experienced military, law enforcement officers, hunters and individuals both men and women looking for personal protection,” said Kurzdkowski. “Because our AR rifles are custom made, many women prefer them because of their light weight, ease of operation and low maintenance needs.”

Firearm enthusiasts like the AR rifle for competition target shooting, hunting varmit (such as feral pigs, wild boar, rabbits and coyote) and personal protection.

“Our goal was to not invent a new AR rifle but significantly improve the technology and enhance its accuracy and performance.  The AR rifle has been around since the Vietnam War.  We also have a unique process of Crynogenically treating the rifle barrels which definitely makes a difference in our guns performance,” stated Kurzdkowski.

Battle Rifle Company clients come from around the country. In fact, Webster Police Department has already purchased 25 Battle Rifle AR rifles. Sugarland SWAT and other agencies are also getting ready to place their orders.

Another attractive selling point of the Battle Field Rifle is its competitive price.  A basic AR rifle will begin at $995 and sell up to $1800 depending what you have included on the rifle. Battle Rifles are available in local retail stores such as The Arms Room, Lock and Loaded, Big Country, Outsider Fire Arms, Triple G and Best Shot, to name a few.  The Battle Rifle Company is also a retail outlet located at 1056 Hercules Ave., Houston, TX 77058. They sell a large variety of accessories such as gun cases, ear plugs, ammunition, technical equipment, AR rifles and more.  Law enforcement is always given priority and walk in service is available.

Battle Rifle Company’s focus is to properly training individuals, introduce more people to the sport of target shooting and safe use of the AR rifle.  Stop by Battle Rifle Company today; its worth the visit and tell Chris and Nick that Bay Group Media sent you.

For more information, call 281-777-0316 or [email protected]

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