Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs has everything you need for your business, home or project.

Batteries Plus Bulbs has everything you need for your business, home or project.

Batteries Plus Bulbs is the nation’s first, largest and fastest-growing battery and light bulb franchise.

Beginning with a single store in 1988, there are now over 620 stores throughout 46 states and Puerto Rico. Offering thousands of batteries, energy-efficient light bulbs and accessories for almost any use imaginable, Batteries Plus Bulbs lends its technical expertise to both residential and business customers. Now offering in-store repair services for mobile devices, customers have somewhere to go to get their smart phones, tablets and mp3 players professionally fixed without having to buy a replacement.

The Webster Batteries Plus Bulbs store is located at the intersection of Texas Avenue and Bay Area Boulevard. It opened in August of 2013, and is the newest store in the network of 7 Houston-area Batteries Plus Bulbs locations owned by a local group which includes Arthur Romero. Romero has been in the business for over 10 years, having opened his first store on Gessner Road back in 2003. Since then he has helped to grow his business through product expertise and a commitment to customer service. He appreciates the opportunity to offer assistance in solving people’s battery and light bulb solutions, putting a smile on each customer’s face every time they walk out the door.

Another focus of Romero’s network of stores is servicing numerous commercial accounts. Partnering with other area businesses to provide them with high-performing power and lighting products that they rely on every day is a value that these local Batteries Plus Bulbs stores are pleased to offer. Romero has made it a priority to introduce himself to the local business community throughout the last 10 years, informing them of the numerous commercial services his local stores can provide.

“Most people aren’t initially aware that we are more than just a retail store,” says Romero. “Our volume pricing, along with our billing and shipping capabilities, make us a viable vendor for area businesses as well. We can ship by the pallet or truckload and provide access to commercial products like backup power supplies, ballasts and emergency lighting kits. With the support of our nationwide network, we essentially offer the personal, friendly service of a local store with the ability to provide large-scale shipping and distribution options with competitive bulk pricing.”

Romero and his franchise group have worked with all types of businesses throughout his career These businesses include municipalities, schools, hospitals, government and military entities, warehouses and many others. Besides the range of battery and bulb products that they are able to offer, recycling services and custom battery pack rebuilds are other popular offerings for both commercial and retail customers. Maintaining EPA-regulated disposal and recycling procedures, Batteries Plus Bulbs is happy to help customers with a convenient drop-off spot for their spent batteries, light bulbs and other electronic devices. And rebuilding power packs for cordless tools and UPS devices – on-site, with no appointment necessary – is another convenience that these local stores offer.

Owner Authur Romero

Owner Authur Romero

For your home and business, Batteries Plus Bulbs in Webster wants to be the one-stop-shop for all of your battery, light bulb and mobile-device repair needs. Offering superior product knowledge, unmatched customer service and reliable technical support, Batteries Plus Bulbs wants local consumers to know that they are a trusted source for providing all power and lighting solutions. Rather than being the place customers stop when all other options fail, they want to be the first stop you make to get every thing you need right when you need it.

“In the ten-plus years that I’ve been in this business, I’ve seen just about everything,” Romero recalls. “In almost all cases, we’re able to troubleshoot and find a solution. That’s what makes this job so enjoyable; no two problems are ever the same and to be able to help a customer when they thought all hope was lost is a really rewarding feeling.”

There is an abundance of batteries damaged by the high heat of a Texas summer. Since heat is the number one killer of batteries, Romero encourages everyone to stop by one of his area locations for a free battery test and systems check before its too late. If it’s determined that you need a new battery, a Batteries Plus Bulbs technician will likely be able to install a new battery, right away, for little to no cost at all.
For more information and the Batteries Plus Blubs location in your area, go to or visit the Bay Area store, 599 W. Bay Area Boulevard, 281- 332-1150.

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