Adrian Garcia: Commissioner For The Times

Sari Asahi and Adrian Garcia with Ninja.

By Rick Clapp

The dynamic and insightful commissioner Adrian Garcia has proved to be a man of the times. The Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner recently organized and coordinated a successful food distribution program to local families in need at the Bay Area Community center.

The Food distribution event was spearheaded by Garcia, and the precinct received financial support from local corporations. Furthermore, Port Commissioner Clyde Fitzgerald and multiple volunteers from the International Longshoremen’s Association, Seabrook Rotary, and other local helpers assisted the program. Elizabeth Williams and her staff helped distribute food and prepare the meals for all the hard working volunteers, city officials and guests. 

Commissioner Garcia has created other noteworthy programs such as the Seniors and Homebound individuals in need of food and assistance. Each day Harris county volunteers distribute food  to those in need. A special thanks goes to Valero and Lyondell Basel for their generous contributions which funded this special food distribution program.

The Read Together program is an early literacy project for children 0-5 years of age. This wonderful book club has 60 books which are mailed to the children enrolled in this program. It was initially started by country western artist Dolly Parton.

Be a Champion is another program by Garcia. It provides groceries once a week to those in need in 5 locations in precinct 2 and precinct 4. All of these essential programs have been funded  by generous Houston companies and local individuals. Needless to say, without their financial contributions these programs could and would not exist. “If we do not continue to receive this vital mandatory support from the private sector we will then need government assistance to support these programs that are in so much need”, stated Garcia.

Adrian Garcia’s Precinct 2 has the highest numbers of Covid 19 victims. This is due to a large number of people that are inpoverished areas, have poor access to health facilities, lack of education and poor nutrition. Precinct 2 covers Houston’s Industrial area, petrochemicals  and refineries and ship channel  Port of Houston. This area is known to have a higher incidence of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses due to the environment.

Finally Commissioner Garcia concluded “ Harris County has done a superb job containing the Corona Virus because of our mayor, county judge, health officials and other Commissioners leadership. Most importantly, as a whole the people of Harris county have abided by the quarantine and other measures provided and supported by health officials.Thank you Commissioner Garcia and all the staff at Precinct 2. Job well done.

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