Abdul Al-Sahli for League City’s City Council.

Candidate Abdul Al-Sahli with family.

Candidate Abdul Al-Sahli with family.

Abdul Al-Sahli is ready to give back to League City and his first step is to join the city council. Resident of League City since 1997, Abdul is director of Residential and Commercial Remodeling at DE Flooring Granite Remodeling, where he works with his wife, Cindy.

“The city has been great to us and now we need to do our civic duty,” Abdul says.

Part of that duty is to keep the money of League City’s residents within League City. Abdul enjoys going out with his family, but realized he has to spend money out of his town to do so.

Often described as a bedroom community, Abdul doesn’t think League City has to restrict itself. To create more local jobs, revenue and excitement, Abdul will use his business background, building know how and industry contacts to bring in commercial businesses and streamline the approval process.

It’s not only entertainment Abdul wants to introduce. He wants to increase the amount of medical care in the area so citizens don’t have to travel to Clear Lake, Pearland, Galveston or Houston.

To those who think new businesses could clutter League City Abdul replies, “when all that revenue comes in we can aim to lower taxes.”

With three kids having graduated in Clear Creek School District, education is also important to Abdul. Throughout the years he’s assisted and donated to several school functions and part of “paying it back” to League City is Abdul aiming to increase teacher pay.
Another issue important to Abdul is the water shortage. To remedy this Abdul presses teaching basic water conservation and building another water tower, which League City will need to grow.

While Abdul says city council is his chance to “pay it forward,” he’s already been helping out for years. During the month of Ramadan, Abdul puts his previous work experience as a chef to work. He gets up before dawn and cooks for the needy the entire month. With help from his fellow mosque goers from the Islamic Center they feed over 200 to 500 people.

Between family, work and God, Abdul wants to continue the betterment of League City, both new and old. He is a member of the Historical Society of League City, and wants to use his remodeling experience to conserve and restore buildings in the historical area known as “old League City.”

“If you forget the past, how can you move forward?” Abdul says.

It’s partly due to his diverse activities and background that Abdul thinks he is a good fit for city council, that he reflects League City.

“We are a very diverse community and we can use these differences to strengthen the city.”

Regardless of who you vote for, Abdul wants everyone to be involved in their city’s affairs and hopes everyone goes out to vote next month. For more info on Abdul check out www.voteabdulalsahli.com.

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