Young Professional Profile: Evan Thoman

Interviewed by Michelle Hundley

In this month’s young professional profile, we sat down with Evan Thoman, manager, Employee Wellness and Fitness Services for NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Evan is responsible for policy guidance, program oversight and new innovations and initiatives for leading the Starport wellness program and fitness services for all members of the JSC community.

Have you always been interested in fitness?

Absolutely! Growing up, I always participated in different sports activities and I was always attracted to the physical aspects of sports. In fact, after high school, I knew I wanted to go to college to study Exercise Science. In college, I spent a lot of time volunteering, reading, and acquiring certifications to one day become a collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

What about “wellness” – is that the same thing or different?

I actually became interested in wellness in graduate school while I was a graduate assistant for the Marshall University Department of Campus Recreation. It was then, that my eyes were opened to the complete spectrum of health and wellness. Wellness includes social, emotional, financial and even occupational wellbeing. There is so much more to “being well” than just physical fitness.

There are more companies today that are focused on sustainability, including a focus on employees and their needs. Have you found this new business environment supportive of your efforts?


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