Some Bay Area candidates face runoffs in city elections

Jim Yarbrough

Jim Yarbrough

By Mary Alys Cherry

The votes have been counted, and soon there will be some new faces on our Bay Area city councils.

All but one mayor up for election this year kept their jobs. Neither Nassau Bay Mayor Mark Denman or Texas City Mayor Matthew Doyle had any opposition. Galveston Mayor Jim Yarbrough was challenged by Bill Quiroga but was the run-away winner, getting 2,307 votes, or 79 percent of the total, to Quiroga’s 609 votes.

In Shoreacres, Kim Sanford beat Mayor Rick Moses, 143-114.

Two Galveston council races were close and will involve runoffs later this month between the two top vote getters. Tarris Woods, the incumbent, got 165 votes to 120 for Amy Bly for the District 1 seat, and Frank McMorris tallied 240 for the District 3 seat while Frank Maceo got 187 votes. Pearland voters also will have to decide a runoff June 18 for the Position 6 council seat.

Voters OK’d five propositions and rejected two others – Prop 1 in Kemah failed 70-265 and Prop 1 on term limits in Webster failed, 70-82, while Prop 2 to increase Webster council pay was approved, 87-67. Prop 1 in El Lago to sell 7.3 percent of an acre of parkland from Unrestricted Reserve B passed.

Meanwhile Friendswood voters approved proposals for a downtown improvements sales and use tax 1,274 to 1,135 and also a street maintenance sales and use tax proposal, 1,485 to 925; and Dickinson ISD voters approved a $70 million bond proposal 1,013 to 337.

Candidates in Clear Lake Shores, Dickinson, La Porte and Taylor Lake Village had no opposition, and no Seabrook seats were up for election this time.

Other election results:

Deer Park
Pos. 4 Bill Patterson (i) 654
Eddie Dove 118

El Lago
Pos. 4  John Skelton (i) 198
Shelah Bird 77
Pos. 5 Jeffrey Tave (i) 148
Mark Briggs 154

Pos. 6 Carl Gustafson (i) 1249
Mike Stacy 1034

Pos. 1 Teresa V. Evans 234
Marianne Creely 95
Pos. 5 Cathy Bowen 110
Matt Wiggins 213

Morgan’s Point
Pos. 2  Tim Harris 76
Brian Johnson 63

Nassau Bay
Pos. 4  Bryce Klug (i) 353
Robert Juillerat 228

Pos. 6 Terry Gray 282
Trent A. Perez* 898
Monica Russo*  930
Adrienne Bell 588

Mayor  Kim Sanford 143
Rick Moses (i)  114

Texas City
Dist. 1  Thelma Bowie (i) 422
Johnny Hollowell 37
Dist. 3  Dorthea L. Jones 112
Darel Beene 57

Pos. 5 Bill Jones 52
Edward Lapeyre 102

Dickinson ISD      
Jessica Rodriguez 159
Chad Rankin 101

Pearland ISD
Jeffrey Barry 1,068
Kelvin L. Williams 696

* In runoff June 18

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