Lunar Rendezvous princesses, lieutenants to reign over festival

Family Fun Night Chairman Becky Hensley, right, and Co-Chairman Page Rander hope to have a big crowd at the Putt-Putt Fun House in Webster Monday, June 6.

Family Fun Night Chairman Becky Hensley, right, and Co-Chairman Page Rander hope to have a big crowd at the Putt-Putt Fun House in Webster Monday, June 6.

By Mary Alys Cherry

The 2016 Lunar Rendezvous princesses and lieutenants have been named, along with the little ladies in waiting and pages. They will reign over this summer’s 51st Annual Lunar Rendezvous Festival, which has the theme, “Launching the Next Legacy.”

They will be presented, with their parents at both the Lunar Rendezvous Fashion Show and the Lunar Rendezvous Coronation Ball at the Galveston Convention Center in late July.

This year’s princesses – all area high school students – and their parents are:

Sarah Adams, daughter of Renee Adams and Jary Adams; Ashlynn Arnold, Kathy and Art Arnold Jr.; Ellie Bacon, Amy and Robert Bacon; Samantha Burkett, Melissa and Russell Burkett; Kylie Cheak, Brandi and David Cheak; Madelyn Chidester, Lisa and Steven Barnes and Edmund Chidester; Elliott Clause, Tracy and Ritchie Clause;

Jenigh Coleman, Yvette and Dean Coleman; Natalie Cortes, Jenille and Frank Junco; Jessica Crain, Melissa and Dr. Timothy Crain; Caroline Curran, Roseline and Ed Curran; Gracie Dearmond, Rhonda Dearmond and Priscilla and Kenneth Dearmond; Allison Denman, Diana and Mark Denman; Jenna Faulkner, Jeanette and Paul Faulkner; Brianna Ferreira, Karen and Frank Ferreira;

Peyton Foster, Tisa and Dr. Mitch Foster; Maddy Fougerousse, Jennifer and Dr. Stacey Gibbons; Alexandra Freeman, Christine Cockrell and Donald Freeman; Meagan Gonzalez, LoreneCino Gonzalez and Chris Munoz; Sydney Gurry, Kim and Jay Gurry; Emily Jue, Julie and Glenn Jue; Hannah Kapfer, Michelle and Andy Kapfer;

Sydney LaCroix, Gwenda LaCroix and Trey LaCroix; Lindsay Lehman, Vanessa and Troy Lehman; Amaya Lynch, Angela and Marques Lynch Sr.; Emily Mahon, Kelly Mahon and John Mahon; Jessica McCarty, Elizabeth and Bill McCarty; Bailey Minter, Dr. Elizabeth Thomas and Bruce Minter;

Madelyn Moulder, Debra and Kenneth Moulder; Haley Nash, Melissa and Jim Finerd and Kimberly and Steven Nash; Lexie Olson, Pamela and Alan Olson and Chris Olson; Mara Pavlosky, Deb and James Pavlosky; Raagan Poole Smith, Gail and Trent Singleton; Rachel Prochazka, Mary Ellen and Scott Prochazka;

Lauren Radcliffe, Suzanne Radcliffe and Barry Radcliffe; Riley Rankin, Kristin and Cliff Rankin; Nicole Rapacki, Adrienne and Scott Rapacki; Abigail Robbins, Shannon and Cliff Robbins III; Justice Robinson, Kimberley and Loni Robinson; Taylor Rutherford, Deborah Rutherford;

Madison Rylant, Christine and Darren Rylant; Frances Seavey, Melody and Jeff Seavey; Alexandra Simmons, Virginia and Robert Simmons Jr.;  Mikala Smith, Madia Smith, Kathy and Dr. Michael E. Smith; Hannah Sukkar, Laura and Dr. Sam Sukkar;

Alexa Trevino, Alice and Rey Trevino; Victoria Venable, Stacy and James Venable; Inessa Voor, Janet and Joseph Voor; Catherine Weber, Karen and Richard Weber; Brinkley Welty, Lisa and Richard Welty; Casey Williams, Dene and David Williams; Avery Wood, Laurie Wood and Derek Wood; and Morgan Wren, Dene and Barry Wren.

The 2016 lieutenants and their parents are:

Alex Bradley, son of Karla and Michael Bradley; Quaylon Conley, Laura Conley and Michael Conley; Maxwell Finch, Petra and Gregory Finch; Corey Flanagan, Kim and David Flanagan; Miles Hallberg, Haydee Patricia and Guy Charles Hallberg; Daniel LeBlanc, Michelle and Dr. Troy LeBlanc;

Dylan McMahan, Christine and Mark Williams; Nick Petitti, Marie Woods Petitti and Greg Petitti; Cole Smith, Alicia and Lance Smith; Alex Struss, Delicia and Alex Struss; Cade Talley, Judy and Chris Talley; Matthew Tamburello, Gina Tamburello and Jerry Tamburello.

Members of the Little Court are Amelia June Byrd, Alexis Nichol, Kendall Hensley, Jilly Davis and Patrick Byrd.

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  1. dr. Elizabeth thomas Minter says:

    I was a princess in 1988,, Elizabeth Thomas, Now Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, mother of Bailey Elizabeth Minter. I would like to inform you that Laura is not Baileys mother. I have been threatened not to attend the coronation ball,, obviously you need to find out who the parents of the child is legally.

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